Wine Travel in the U.S.

Fun Fact...

Wine travel destinations exist in all 50 states because wine is produced in all 50 states. Admittedly, not every state has the right climate or soil to grow great grapes, but the ones who can’t have a tendency to import grapes in from neighboring areas, or craft unique fruit wines from their own terroir. 

While the wine snob in us all may question the quality of wines outside of well-known regions, I believe there are hidden gems everywhere — perhaps right around the corner. 

Experiencing wine from a different state can also be an eye-opening experience into the area’s culture and taste preferences. And you know the saying… “what goes together, grows together”. Each U.S. State is distinct, and so is their wine and culinary practices.

One of my life goals is to visit a winery in all 50 states. As I head out on adventures, follow along with my progress on the map below, and plan your own trips!

Note: my goal started before Wine with Paige started, so I’m actively going back to write guides. Pink states are places I’ve visited – round, grey markers designate travel guides and blog posts associated with the area.

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