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Miraval rose wine bottles with wine glasses

A Toast to Miraval Rose: A Snob-Free Wine Review 

If you’re looking for a refreshing, light-bodied rose to fill your glass (or pitcher) this summer, look no further than Miraval Rose. This well-rounded wine is the perfect accompaniment for outdoor dining and

Nina Dobrev and

Fresh Vine Wine Review: A No B.S. Expert Opinion

The wine industry is saturated with celebrity wine brands and labels claiming to be “healthier” for you. But what’s real? And what’s really good? It can get confusing! It’s not like you can

Coppa Cocktail in wine glass with fruit

Coppa Cocktails Review: Unleash Your Inner Bartender

Hey cocktail connoisseurs! Who loves a tasty adult beverage, but is less than thrilled about gathering ingredients and following recipes? If you can relate to that sentiment, Coppa Cocktails is for you.  Coppa

Paige with an assortment of Best Merlot Wines - she's drinking wine and 8 bottles sit in front of her

Best Merlot Wines for Any Budget

Looking for the best Merlot wines for your budget? Each October, I rejoice as the temperatures cool and leaves begin their transition into bright auburn colors – luscious reds, fiery oranges, golden yellows.

Villa Maria Sauvignon Blanc Wine Review

Villa Maria Sauvignon Blanc Review: Summer Sippers

Looking for a delicious Sauvignon Blanc to enjoy? Look no further than Villa Maria’s wines! Crafted in the heart of the Marlborough region of New Zealand, Villa Maria offers three distinct Sauvignon Blancs

Mirabelle Selects Tempranillo curated subscription box

Discover the Rich, Robust Flavor of Tempranillo

Tempranillo is having a moment. Often synonymous with Rioja, where this grape’s native origins hail from, Tempranillo is a black grape variety, now known for its versatile nature and high-quality wines. The name

The Best Canned Wine on the Market: 2022 Review

Canned Wine: Sustainable, Delicious, & Easy to Enjoy Looking for the best canned wine to enjoy this summer? I’ve tasted more than my fair share and got you covered with all the reviews!

WTSO Review - Paige sipping wines from WTSO

WTSO Review: Snag Great Wines at a Great Value

What is WTSO? Hunting for a sale can be just as thrilling as the purchase itself. WTSO is a website that thrives on that excitement – offering a limited selection of discounted wines

Wine Access: Making Great Wine Easy to Find

Buying wine online can be tough. You never know exactly what you’re going to get, and in my experience, a fair number of digital “premium wine clubs” claim to have great wine but

5 Reasons to Join Palate Club

The number of wine clubs out there is staggering. With numerous different types of offerings to choose from, how do you make sense of the chaos?  To me, Palate Club stood out for

Canned Wine: Recent Fad or Here to Stay?

A Skeptic’s Guide to Canned Wine

Wine is so often synonymous with luxury, snobbery, showmanship… but those aren’t the things I love about wine. I love the story, the people, the way it