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A bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon wine

Cabernet Sauvignon 101: Your Complete Guide

Did you know that Cabernet Sauvignon is the most widely planted red wine grape in the world? This beloved red wine is celebrated for its rich flavors and more. Known as the “King

LGBTQ+ Wines for Pride Month

June isn’t just any month; it’s Pride Month, a time to celebrate diversity, inclusion, and love. And what better way to honor this month than by supporting LGBTQ+ winemakers who are making their

A hand holding a glass of Sapateiro wine

Sapateiro Wines: From Vineyard to Glass

The tale of Sapateiro Wines unfolds as a story of passion and transformation, starting with the founder’s father, who delved into winemaking as a hobby, despite his nickname as a shoemaker. From humble

A lady walking in a wine valley

Portuguese Wine: A Guide To Discovery

Embark on a delightful journey through the world of Portuguese wine, where every sip tells a story of tradition, flavor, and adventure. From the lush vineyards of the Douro Valley to the coastal

Malbec Wines 101: Your Complete Guide

Are you a seasoned sommelier? Or perhaps a curious newcomer? Welcome, wine enthusiasts,to this exciting guide to Malbec wines.  Grab your corkscrews and prepare your palates for a thrilling ride packed with bold

Wine Bottle Bouquet with flowers and hands

Wine Bottle Bouquet DIY: Your Complete How-To

Ever been stumped for a unique and creative gift idea? Look no further than the charming world of wine bottle bouquets! Recently, I had the pleasure of attending an event at Priest Ranch

Spätburgunder in a red wine glass wtih a shadow

Spätburgunder: Germany’s Hidden Wine Gem

Spätburgunder, also known as Pinot Noir in other parts of the world, is a red wine grape variety prized for its elegance and complexity.  Although it’s relatively unheard of at the moment, I

Pinot Noir on a table with a glass and food around it

Pinot Noir: Your Complete Guide

Pinot Noir is one of the great grapes of the world. It’s incredibly expressive of the terroir, has the ability to age, and can be made in a wide range of styles, allowing

Wine being poured into a Sangria cocktail

Best Wine for Sangria: Finding Your Perfect Pour

Hey there wine lovers! Are you on the hunt for the best wine for sangria? Whether you’re lounging poolside, hosting a summer soirée, or simply craving a refreshing sip, sangria is the ultimate

Ultimate Wine Guide to Spanish Sangria Wine - pitcher of Sangria with a hand squeezing lemon above it

Best Sangria Recipes: The Ultimate Guide

Sangria season is here and it’s time to get your fill of all the fruity, wine-filled goodness! With a glass in hand, you can easily enjoy any warm-weather event, whether that means barbecuing

Beginner Tips for Getting into Wine as a Hobby

CC0 Licensed Image Courtesy of Pexels Wine as a hobby is more accessible than ever and is no longer the domain of the wealthiest among us. Forget about the grocery store merlot or

Spanish White Wine - Verdejo in Rueda

Spanish White Wine: A Refreshing Escape

Spanish white wines are like a refreshing breeze from the vineyards of the sun-kissed Iberian Peninsula.  Imagine sipping a glass of Albariño, Verdejo, or Godello – these are just a few gems in

Red wine being pulled from a barrel in Spain

Spanish Red Wine: Your Complete Guide

Spanish Red Wine Spanish red wines present a remarkable blend of quality and affordability. They’re a particularly distinctive entry into the realm of European red wines. You can find delicious fruit options for

Spanish Wine with tapas on a table

Spanish Wine: Types, Regions, & More

Let’s dive into the world of Spanish wine! Spain, a country known for its vibrant culture and rich history, has a wine tradition that dates back centuries.  From the lush vineyards of Rioja

Tempranillo Wine in a glass held by a hand

Tempranillo Wine: Your Complete Guide

What is Tempranillo Wine? Tempranillo is a type of red wine grape that originally comes from Spain. It’s a famous grape used to make some tasty wines. The name “Tempranillo” comes from the

Is Pinot Noir Sweet or Dry - Paige sipping Pinot Noir out of a wine bottle with a straw

Is Pinot Noir Sweet or Dry?

Is Pinot Noir Sweet or Dry? Unveiling the Secrets Behind this Elegant Red Wine If you’ve ever found yourself pondering the question “Is Pinot Noir sweet?”, you’re not alone. This captivating red wine,

Blue wine in a glass on an elegant table with a window in the background

Exploring the World of Blue Wine: From Bottles to Hues

You’ve probably seen wines bottled in stunning cobalt blue glass, but have you seen blue wine? The strange and stunning color is unexpected and radically different from everything on the market, but you’ll


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