LGBTQ+ Wines for Pride Month

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June isn’t just any month; it’s Pride Month, a time to celebrate diversity, inclusion, and love. And what better way to honor this month than by supporting LGBTQ+ winemakers who are making their mark in the wine industry? These passionate creators are not only crafting exceptional wines but are also championing equality and representation. 

This guide will take you through some standout LGBTQ+ wineries and their fantastic wines that deserve your attention. Imagine sipping a delightful rosé knowing the brand actively supports LGBTQ+ voices and causes. 

Ready to uncork some bottles that truly stand for love and diversity? 

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Birdhorse was founded by Corinne Rich and Katie Rouse in 2018, two passionate women with a vision to create wines that tell a story of diversity and inclusion. They focus on producing lesser-known varietals like Verdelho, Carignan, and Valdiguié. 

Birdhorse produces around 1,000 cases annually, with a refreshing take on traditional winemaking to offer something truly special. They have quickly gained recognition, with their wines receiving accolades from various competitions. 

The founders’ commitment to diversity extends beyond their wine selections, as they actively support LGBTQ+ causes. Their wines are not just beverages but statements of inclusivity and celebration. 

Check out Birdhorse Wines here

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Gary Farrell

Gary Farrell Winery, founded by Gary Farrell in 1982, has become synonymous with high-quality Pinot Noir and Chardonnay from Sonoma County. Gary Farrell himself has been a prominent figure in the wine world, known for his meticulous approach to winemaking. 

The winery sources grapes from some of the best vineyards in the Russian River Valley, resulting in wines full of depth and character. Over the years, Gary Farrell Winery has been recognized as one of the top wineries in California, earning numerous awards for its exceptional wines. 

Their winemaker, Theresa Heredia is a name well-known in the winemaking as well as the LGBTQ community. She, along with Gary Farrell Winery, regularly advocate for the  LGBTQ+ community, supporting various initiatives and events. 

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VOON is more than just a winery; it’s a mission-driven enterprise founded in San Francisco by Evan Anderson, an LGBTQ+ individual passionate about wine and social change. The winery produces a range of notable wines, each crafted with care and precision. 

VOON’s commitment to sustainability and community support is evident in every bottle. They actively participate in LGBTQ+ events and their signature Sauvignon Blanc is a crisp, refreshing choice that exemplifies their commitment to quality.

VOON’s wines are known for their vibrant flavors and unique profiles, making them a favorite among wine enthusiasts. By choosing VOON, you’re not only enjoying great wine, but also contributing to meaningful change.

Check out VOON Wines here

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Gentleman Farmer Wines

Gentleman Farmer Wines was established by a dynamic duo who envisioned a winery that blends tradition with innovation. Their wines are crafted with a focus on quality and authenticity, resulting in products that are both classic and contemporary. 

The founders, Jeff Durham and Joe Wolosz, have created a brand that resonates with those who value inclusivity and representation. Gentleman Farmer Wines offers a range of products, from robust reds to crisp whites, each reflecting their dedication to excellence. 

Their commitment to the LGBTQ+ community is unwavering, with regular participation in Pride events and support for various initiatives. These wines are perfect for celebrating love and diversity every day of the year.

Check out Gentleman Farmer Wines here

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Terah Wine Co

Terah Wine Co was born from a passion for winemaking and a desire to make a difference. The founder’s journey is one of inspiration and determination, leading to the creation of a winery that values both quality and inclusivity. 

Terah Wine Co is led by Terah Bajjalieh, who focuses on creating natural wines that reflect the terroir of California. With a background in both science and winemaking, Terah brings a unique perspective to her craft.

Terah Wine Co produces a selection of popular wines, each crafted with meticulous attention to detail. The winery’s involvement in the LGBTQ+ community, commitment to sustainable practices, and community support sets it apart. 

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Camins 2 Dreams

Camins 2 Dreams was founded by winemakers Tara Gomez and Mireia Taribó, wife and wife, who bring their diverse backgrounds to the table. Tara Gomez, a member of the Chumash tribe, brings her cultural heritage and passion for natural winemaking to the venture. 

Mireia Taribó, originally from Spain, adds her expertise in traditional Spanish winemaking techniques. Together, they focus on creating natural, minimal-intervention wines that reflect the terroir of California’s Santa Barbara County. 

Camins 2 Dreams offers a range of special wines, each with a distinctive profile that showcases the founders’ expertise. Notable products include their ‘Spear Vineyard’ Syrah and Grüner Veltliner, both praised for their vibrant flavors and balance. 

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Remy Wines

Remy Wines was founded in 2006 by Remy Drabkin, a queer winemaker who grew up in McMinnville, Oregon. Remy Drabkin has been recognized as one of the wine industry’s most inspiring people for her commitment to holistic equity and sustainable practices. The winery is located in the Willamette Valley, known for its premium Pinot Noir wines. 

Remy Wines focuses on producing Old World-style wines, particularly Italian varietals like Sangiovese, Barbera, and Lagrein. One of their standout products is the “Three Wives” blend, which showcases the complexity and elegance of their winemaking style. Remy Wines also emphasizes environmental responsibility, partnering with SOLID CARBON to create more sustainable infrastructure for their operations  

Remy Drabkin was elected as the mayor of McMinnville, Oregon, in 2022, becoming the first queer winemaker to hold this position. Besides her role as mayor, Drabkin is a co-founder of the non-profit Wine Country Pride and an advocate for equity and climate change initiatives 

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Equality Vines

Equality Vines was founded by Matt Grove and Jim Obergefell, who are dedicated to promoting equality through their unique wine portfolio. Jim Obergefell is best known as the lead plaintiff in the landmark Supreme Court case Obergefell v. Hodges. The outcome of this legalized same-sex marriage in the United States. 

Matt Grove, his partner in this venture, brings extensive experience in the wine industry. Together, they created Equality Vines to blend their passion for wine with their commitment to social justice. 

The winery offers a variety of wines, each bottle supporting different equality causes, ranging from LGBTQ+ rights to gender equality. Their mission is to create high-quality wines while raising awareness and funds for equality initiatives

Check out Equality Vines here

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Mercury Wines

Mercury Wines was founded by Brad Beard, a passionate winemaker dedicated to producing distinctive, high-quality wines. The winery is known for its diverse range of offerings, including white, red, and rosé wines. 

Some of their notable products include the 23 Sauvignon Blanc, 23 Viognier, and the NV Freddie Sparkling Rosé, each celebrated for their unique flavors and craftsmanship. Brad Beard’s commitment to quality and innovation has earned Mercury Wines a loyal following among wine enthusiasts. 

Brad Beard has made significant contributions to the LGBTQ+ community in the wine industry. His winery is part of the growing number of LGBTQ+-owned wineries in Sonoma and Napa, helping to create an inclusive and supportive environment for all wine enthusiasts

Check out Mercury Wines here


Supporting LGBTQ+ wineries during Pride Month and beyond is a fantastic way to celebrate diversity, inclusivity, and love. Each of these winemakers brings a unique story and commitment to the community, making their wines special in more ways than one. 

Whenever you indulge in these wines, you’re not just sipping great wine, but also supporting important causes. Let’s raise our glasses to these incredible winemakers and the positive change they inspire. Cheers to love, equality, and exceptional wines!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a specific wine that is popular during Pride Month?

While there isn’t one specific wine that’s universally popular during Pride Month, many people enjoy wines from LGBTQ+ winemakers to show their support and celebrate inclusivity.

How do LGBTQ+ wineries contribute to the community?

LGBTQ+ wineries contribute by supporting various social causes, participating in events, and often donating a portion of their proceeds to LGBTQ+ organizations and initiatives.

Can I visit these wineries for tours and tastings?

Yes, many of these wineries offer tours and tastings. It’s a great way to learn more about their wines, their stories, and their commitment to the LGBTQ. Check out their individual websites for more info!

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