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Paige with chocolate wine and cake birthday

Chocolate Wine: The Ultimate Guide & Top Recommendations

Whether you’re a wine lover or a chocoholic, you’ll appreciate this divine combination of two of the world’s favorite indulgences into one decadent experience – chocolate wine.  There’s nothing quite like a glass

The Best Canned Wine on the Market: 2022 Review

Canned Wine: Sustainable, Delicious, & Easy to Enjoy Looking for the best canned wine to enjoy this summer? I’ve tasted more than my fair share and got you covered with all the reviews!

8 Wines to Drink While Smashing the Patriarchy

There’s no denying it: the wine world is still consumed by the patriarchy. As of 2022, lead women winemakers make up just 10% of the global wine industry (20% in Santa Barbara County

The Ultimate Superbowl Snack & Wine Pairing List

The Superbowl is an American tradition — one that includes gathering around the tv, preparing an indulgent spread of your favorite snacks, and kicking back with your favorite adult beverage. While beer may

6 Everyday Wines Perfect for Summer

Although most look at this time of year as the end of summer, I say it’s still in full swing! And what better way to celebrate than with some wine! Take a look

The Complete Guide to Sparkling Wine

Sparkling wine is a staple during the holidays… and for good reason! There’s something exciting and uplifting about popping open a bottle of bubbly and raising a glass. Whether you’re cheersing with friends,

Thanksgiving Feast

Thanksgiving Wine Guide

Choosing the perfect wine pairing for Thanksgiving can feel complicated… there’s so many different flavors on the table: buttery, creamy potatoes; tart cranberries; stuffing made with any number of ingredients; rich, sweet yams;

Merlot Month

October is Merlot Month — probably my favorite “wine holiday” out there! Merlot is one of the two main varietals in the OG Wine Region… Bordeaux. It’s capable of producing complex, interesting wines

Rosé All Day

A Guide to Different Styles of Rosé When people think of rosé, they tend to lump it all into one category, assuming each rosé is similar to the last. But that is just

german riesling

German Riesling 101

This German Riesling 101 post was produced in partnership with Wines of Germany, however, all views & opinions expressed below are my own. They have additional resources available on their site here, if


Chardonnay is an expressive white varietal wine grape. Here’s everything you need to know about the most widely planted white wine in the world.

3 Wines Perfect for Thanksgiving – And WHY

When it comes to pairing wine with food, I’m a firm believer that there are no “wrong” answers. As long as you love the food and love the wine, you’re in a good

4th of July Wines & Perfect Pairings

The fourth of July offers up a whole feast of amazing wine pairing opportunities! While it may traditionally be focused around beer, it’s also the perfect time to pop open a bottle of

5 Napa Rosés Perfect for any Taste

I love that so many different styles of rosé can all come out of the Napa region, and I’m excited to see producers crafting styles all over the board. Whether rosé is one

Stop Drinking Shitty Rosé

Rosé wine is a category run amok. Demand is crazy high, with the consumer understanding absolutely minuscule. It’s associated most often with day-drinking (cue squealing cheers of “rosé all day!), something pretty to

Paige’s Holiday Guide to Sparkling Wine

The holiday season is a great time to incorporate more sparkling wine! Here you’ll find some of my favorite sparkling wine picks, perfect for everything and anything this holiday season and beyond. All