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Vicky Farrow pouring sparkling wine

All Things Bubbly: An Interview with Vicky Farrow

If you have a passion for sparkling wine and are eager to stay up-to-date with the latest news, trends, and information about the world of bubbles, then Sparkling Discoveries is your new go-to

Guillermina Van Houten - TILIA Sustainability Specialist

Sustainability Deep Dive with TILIA Wines

An Interview with Guillermina van Houten of TILIA Wine. Are you keen to learn more about what it takes to bring sustainably-made wines from around the world straight to your doorstep? Guillermina van

Coiled Wines - Owner & Winemaker Leslie Preston

Coiled Wines Interview: A Winding Winemaking Tale

Coiled Wines owner and winemaker, Leslie Preston started her winemaking career in Napa. But her ties to her home state of Idaho were too strong to be denied, and as the winemaking scene

Kasey Wierzba, women winemaker of Shady Lane Cellars

Women in Wine: Kasey Wierzba of Shady Lane Cellars

Howdy, wine-drinkers! Welcome to another installment of Women in Wine. This series is all about celebrating women who work in the wine industry, from grape growers to winemakers to sommeliers. Our goal is

Roxie Ward, women winemaker of Butternut wines

Women in Wine: Roxie Ward of Butternut Wines

Roxie Ward of Butternut Wines is a true inspiration. With over 20 years in the wine industry, Roxie has developed a passion for winemaking, which shows in each bottle of Butternut Wines. I

A picture of the Brakesman family, owners of Red Thread Wines

Women in Wine: Gretchen of Red Thread Wines

One of my favorite parts of wine is the opportunity to connect with the people & stories behind the bottle. Recently I had the chance to connect with a truly incredible winemaker, Gretchen,

Jules Taylor in front of wine barrels

Jules Taylor: Queen of Sauvignon Blanc

March is an annual celebration of women and the history that’s guided us to where we are today. Each year, I take this month to put an additional focus on incredible women in

Women in Wine: Anne Dempsey of Skyside Wine

I had the opportunity to sit down with winemaker Anne Dempsey from Skyside Wines and chat about her truly stunning wines. Before we talk about the wines, let’s first talk a little about

The Woman Behind Fearless Wines: Chelsea Hoff

Chelsea Hoff holds a fierce tenacity for life. Recently I had the opportunity to sit down with Fearless winemaker and proprietress, Chelsea Hoff, and I was absolutely enthralled by her passion for life,

jon larson winemaker

Winemaker Interview: Angwin Estate Vineyards

Recently I had the opportunity to sit down for a phone interview with Jon Larson, the vintner behind Angwin Estate Vineyards. Jon is incredibly passionate about what he does– we ended up speaking for

Enriquez Winery and tasting room

Women in Wine: Cecilia of Enriquez Estate Wines

Cecilia has a rather interesting and uncommon (but dreamy!) story of how she got into the wine industry. She makes stunning wines from unique varietals and isn’t afraid to do things her way.

Women in Wine: Jennifer Wall, Barefoot Winemaker

Jennifer Wall is a native Californian, mother of three and one of the world’s most-awarded winemakers. She’s been with Barefoot for over 20 years, and crafts what just be might America’s most recognized

brenae royal

Women in Wine: Vineyard Manager Brenae Royal

To get us started, I’d love if you could tell us a little about yourself – what do you do, where you work, any other details you’d like to share? I’m the Vineyard