Wine with Paige is a vehicle for the stories behind the bottle. As a photographer, visual story teller, and freelance writer, Paige Comrie is passionate about sharing what makes each bottle of wine special and every producer unique.

On the blog, Wine with Paige shares her favorite bottles & vineyards, helping you live the complete #winelifestyle.

With years of experience as a professional Photographer, Paige Comrie brings wine to life in an exciting and compelling way.

Boldly authentic, educated in wine, and passionate about story telling, Wine with Paige aims to inspire people to discover their new favorite wine and learn something along the way! Paige's passion, insight, and knowledge of wine has grown a dedicated following of wine-lovers around the world!


Plan your next adventure to wine country with reviews and guides to Paige's favorite spots.



Looking for the perfect bottle for a special occasion or just something new to try?



Everything from wine-inspired recipes to clothing to must-read books. Bring wine into your everyday!



Paige Comrie is the creative mind behind Wine with Paige. She holds her WSET 2 and 3 and is a Certified American Wine Expert. Beyond wine, she also has an extensive background in Photography, Writing, and Digital Marketing. Past clients include Napa Valley Vintners, Adidas, Rent the Runway, and Loire Valley Wines, among others. Currently, Wine with Paige is a passion project and Paige's full-time gig is as a project manager/buyer for a Fortune 100 eCommerce company. View more here.

Wine with Paige makes learning about wine and finding new bottles exciting and fun! Before I found her on Instagram, I just bought whatever was cheapest at Trader Joe's. Now I feel inspired to seek out new wines and try new things I'd never heard of before!

- Rose H., Michigan, 26 yrs old