Chocolate Wine: The Ultimate Guide & Top Recommendations

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Whether you’re a wine lover or a chocoholic, you’ll appreciate this divine combination of two of the world’s favorite indulgences into one decadent experience – chocolate wine. 

There’s nothing quite like a glass of chocolate wine to get your taste buds tingling. With its deep, rich flavor, it’s the perfect drink for those who love their wine with a kiss of sweetness. Whether you’re enjoying it on its own or with another dessert, chocolate wine is always a crowd pleaser.

Chocolate wine is made in one of two ways: 

  • Infusing red or white wine with chocolate and/or chocolate flavors. Winemakers may potentially also include cream or fruit extracts to soften the intensity of the wine’s acidity and tannins. 
  • Combining red wine, cream, and chocolate to create a chocolate liqueur.

If you’re looking for something a little different to add to your repertoire, chocolate wine is definitely worth checking out. While still largely considered a novelty wine by most, it’s a wonderful way to unwind on a cold winter’s day or celebrate a sweet holiday, like Valentine’s Day

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11 Best Chocolate Wines for You To Try

Chocolate Shop Wine Bottle

Chocolate Shop Red Wine

Crafted from a proprietary, deep red wine blended with dark chocolate, Chocolate Shop effortlessly blends pairing wine and chocolate into every sip. 

I also appreciate that information about their winemaker is listed on their site, adding transparency to the process and making it feel like an authentic experience. 

Shop Chocolate Shop Wine On their Website

Shop Chocolate Shop Wine on

ChocoVine Wine Bottle

ChocoVine Chocolate Dessert Wine

Sensually rich, this wine is a perfect indulgence. The full flavors of Dutch Chocolate and French Cabernet Sauvignon are combined into one luscious treat.

Shop ChocoVine Chocolate Dessert Wine

Trentadue Chocolate Wine

Trentadue Chocolate Amore

Hailing from the rich vineyards of Alexander Valley in Sonoma, Trentadue Chocolate Amore is an opulent dessert wine crafted from Merlot grapes. Using a traditional Port winemaking style, this fortified wine is infused with natural chocolate extract during the finishing stages of winemaking. 

I personally enjoy this wine poured over ice cream and served with diced strawberries on top.

Note that this is sold in a half bottle (375ml). 

Shop Trentadue Chocolate Amore

Red Decadence Wine Bottle

Red Decadence Chocolate Wine

Rich dark chocolate and red wine combine into one silky smooth, decadent drink. In the glass, you’ll find strong, fruit forward notes of black cherry, blueberry, and plum with touches of rich dark chocolate. I find this wine similar to indulging in a dark chocolate truffle, or decadent black forest cake.

Shop Red Decadence Chocolate Wine 

SLO down wines sexual chocolate

SLO Down Wines Sexual Chocolate Red

Hedonism is the word most often associated with this red wine. An example of a red wine with strong chocolate flavors, but no chocolate added, SLO Down Wines Sexual Chocolate Red is a blend of Syrah, Zinfandel, and Malbec sourced from California grapes. Expect a full body and long, silky finish. What began as a bootlegging operation is now a full-fledged, but still authentic, winemaking project. 

Shop SLO Down Wines Sexual Chocolate Red

Boekenhoutskloof The Chocolate Block Red Blend Wine Bottle

Boekenhoutskloof The Chocolate Block Red Blend

Dark, intense, and brooding, this wine has no added chocolate but instead is a divine combination of grape varieties that showcase intense chocolate-like aromas and flavors. It’s earthy and complex, with notes of cocoa powder, espresso, chocolate-covered cherries, and juicy ripe plums. 

Shop The Chocolat Block Red Blend on

Choco Noir Chocolate Wine


On this list, ChocoNoir is my favorite one to blend into my morning coffee (on special occasions, that is!) It’s a delicious treat that’s reminiscent of milk or creamer in texture, with yummy milk chocolate flavor. 

Shop ChocoNoir 

Cocoa di Vine chocolate wine

Cocoa di Vine

Rich and velvety smooth, Cocoa di Vine effortlessly combines chocolate and wine with delicious undertones of caramel and vanilla. The red wine base combined with creamy milk gives it depth and body. 

Shop Cocoa di Vine

Ficklin Port chocolate passport red wine bottle

Ficklin Port Chocolate Passport

Crafted in Madera, California (a hot, fertile, inland region in California), Ficklin’s Chocolate Passport is a delightful example of the ingenuity and dessert wines coming from this region. 

The chocolate aromas immediately waft from this bottle – This premium Ruby Port has had flavors of chocolate added to enhance the chocolate flavors found in many Ports. It’s tangy and rich; enjoy it with a chocolate pairing or simply sip solo. 

Shop Ficklin Port Chocolate Passport on Drizzly

Shop Ficklin Chocolate Passport on their website

Pleasant Valley Chocolate Lab Wine Bottle


This cute wine with a chocolate lab on the label is just as unpretentious as it looks. Crafted from concord grapes, it’s lighter and fruitier than most of the chocolate wines on this list. 

It’s an easy wine to drink, with a rich chocolate flavor profile and hints of ripe red berries, vanilla, and mocha. 

Plus, with a puppy on the label, it makes a perfect gift for the friend in your life who loves wine, chocolate, and dogs… the perfect trifecta!

Shop Chocolate Lab Wine 

Chocolate Zom-Bee

Winehaven Chocolate Zoo-Bee

This liquid deliciousness is infused with dark chocolate to complement the generous berry aromas and flavors.  The result is a delicious explosion of dark chocolate, cocoa, honey, blackberry, black cherry, plum and boysenberry aromas. 

This red wine includes fruit flavors of sweet marionberry and blackberry jam, are followed by a rich midpalate and lingering dark chocolate ganache finish.

Shop WineHaven

In Conclusion…

Chocolate wine can be a truly delicious, decadent treat, and there are a wide range of options to choose from! While some of the snobbier, more traditional wine crowd might frown upon the addition of chocolate to wine, I vote we don’t take things too seriously! After all, wine is meant to be enjoyed, whatever that means to the drinker themselves. 

Have I missed any of your favorite chocoalte wines? Let me know below – I’m always on the lookout for new wines to review!

Chocolate Wine FAQs

What temperature to serve chocolate wine? 

This is up to your preference! I personally enjoy mine at room temperature, as I feel the texture is more cozy and decadent this way. Alternatively, some people will serve it chilled, or even on the rocks. Experiment and see how you enjoy it best!

As an added bonus… consider really hyping up the sweet notes and serving your glass of chocolate wine with a swirl of whip cream on top! Cheers!

Where to buy chocolate wine? 

There are typically a few options for chocolate wine at local wine shops. Additionally, I’ve linked my suggestions above to websites that offer shipping to most U.S. states.

Is chocolate wine really wine? 

Yes… and no! Chocolate wine has two main styles: those that are wine-based and have added ingredients, and those that are cream-based but have a splash of wine in them. Either way though, wine is involved in the process!

What do you eat with chocolate wine? 

Chocolate wine tends to be pretty sweet, so it’s great paired with other foods that match its sweetness level or simply enjoyed solo. One of our favorite ways to enjoy chocolate wine is to pour it over ice cream. Yum!

How much alcohol is in chocolate wine? 

Typically chocolate wine ranges in ABV from 10-14%, similar to other table wines. Check the bottle you’re considering purchasing for details – it’s required to be on the label!