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Wine and cheese pairing board

Wine and Cheese Night with a Smoky Twist

Making a complex charcuterie board for a party can be a challenging chore, especially if you want to please everyone. However, creating a wine and cheese pairing menu can be a simpler, more

Paige eating sushi paired with wine

Best Wine with Sushi: The Complete Guide to Pairing

Going for sushi is one of my favorite evening outings. And, you better believe wine is always involved, too!  If you’ve ever wondered how to perfectly pair sushi and wine, this is best wine with

Charcuterie bouquet with wine

How to Make a Simple & Beautiful Charcuterie Bouquet

Sometimes, you just need to add a little “spring” to your step – especially during those darker winter months! This Charcuterie Bouquet is perfect for Galentine’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, or just

Best Cookbooks for the New Year

Goodbye 2021!  I’ve experienced a lot of exciting new things within the wine world this year. While the beginning of the year was full of uncertainty , I was grateful to see that

charcuterie box DIY

Easy Individual Charcuterie Box DIY

Okay, confession… I’m a huge germaphobe. Even before our world descended into chaos in 2020, I never liked to eat family style or buffet style with a large group. It makes me cringe

The Ultimate Superbowl Snack & Wine Pairing List

The Superbowl is an American tradition — one that includes gathering around the tv, preparing an indulgent spread of your favorite snacks, and kicking back with your favorite adult beverage. While beer may

Thanksgiving Feast

Thanksgiving Wine Guide

Choosing the perfect wine pairing for Thanksgiving can feel complicated… there’s so many different flavors on the table: buttery, creamy potatoes; tart cranberries; stuffing made with any number of ingredients; rich, sweet yams;

31 Halloween Movies & Wine Pairings

Halloween is my all-time favorite holiday. To live it up this season, I’ve come up with 31 spookily delicious Halloween movies and wine pairings to keep the party going, all month long. Pick

Pizza Wine

What Wine to Pair with Pizza? Let me just start by saying that I freakin’ love pizza. LOVE IT. In my household, we celebrate #pizzafriday on a weekly basis, and I look forward