Stay Chill: How to Chill Wine Fast

Wine in an ice bucket

We’ve all been there, where we could go for a nice cold glass of wine, only to realize that they’re all room temperature. You want to chill it fast, but if you add ice, it’ll dilute the wine. If you pop it in the freezer, there’s a large chance of it exploding. So what do you do? The good news is, I have the secret on how to chill wine fast, and I’m willing to share it with you!


the Wine Chiller Bucket

1) Wine chiller bucket

The Wine Chiller Bucket is very straightforward, and a great way to cool down wine without diluting it with ice! If you’re using a bottle that hasn’t been pre-chilled, you’ll add some salted ice water in the bucket, stick your bottle in, and let it work its magic! Try it out for yourself here.

Wine in the fridge or freezer to cool it down

2) Freezer Method: How Long to Chill Wine in the Freezer

It is ok to put wine in the freezer, just don’t forget to take it out! Just pop it in, and after about 30-40 minutes, your wine should be nice and chilled. I would recommend setting an alarm when you do it though! If you leave it for too long, it may explode.

3) Fridge Method: How Long to Chill Wine in Fridge Here

If you’re wary of exploding wine in your freezer (been there), then chilling your wine in the fridge may be a better option for you, albeit, it does take a bit longer. It takes about 2.5-3 hours for wine to cool in the fridge.

the Vochill

4) VoChill - Keep Your Wine Glass Cold

This is one of my favorite and most used wine accessories! It’s perfect for a summer’s day, or for a relaxing bath time (read my ultimate guide to relaxing in the tub with wine here).  The VoChill is a wine glass chiller that pulls heat out of the glass for truly effective and long-lasting temperature control. Your wine experience is preserved and never compromised by the taste or smell of metal or plastic. You can buy it for yourself here, and even get 15% off by using the code WINEWITHPAIGE-15.

the Corkcicle

5) Corkcicle - Chill Wine Bottles & Keep Wine Cold

Another fun wine accessory! The Corkcicle is a unique gel that gets frozen and inserted right into the bottle. It maintains chilled whites and cools down room temperate reds. There’s also a built-in aerator that actually enhances the aromatic profile, and it acts as a wine stopper. Try it out for yourself here!

Frozen grapes

6) Frozen Grapes in Glass

This way is a classic and super effective for chilling wine. When you use ice, the ice quickly dilutes the wine when it melts. Whereas if you use grapes, you don’t have to worry about them thawing, and it could be a nice treat when you’re done! I like to use this method if I’m in a hurry to start sipping my wine. It doesn’t take too long once they’re in the glass.


Should red wine be chilled?
According to wine experts, red wine is best served in the range of 55°F–65°F. So, it certainly doesn’t hurt to chill red wine!

Should white wine be chilled?
Lighter, fruitier wines work best colder, between 45°F and 50°F.

How long to chill wine in the freezer?
For red wine, it takes about 40 minutes for it to reach its ideal temperature of 55°. For white wine, it takes about 1 hour for it to reach its ideal temperature of 45° in the fridge.

How long to chill wine in the fridge?
For red wine, it takes about 2.5 hours for it to reach its ideal temperature of 55°. For white wine, it takes about 3 hours for white wine to reach its ideal temperature of 45° in the freezer.

Are you supposed to chill wine?
Both white and red wines live up to their full potential when chilled slightly. For more examples on how to chill wine fast, be sure to check out my suggestions above.

Can you put wine in the fridge?
Yes, you can put wine in the fridge. If you’re wanting to chill your wine fast before drinking, I would leave it in there for about 2.5-3 hours. After you drink the wine, you can put it in the fridge for about 2-3 days.