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White merlot wine being poured into wine glass

White Merlot: An Unexpected Favorite

When it comes to the world of wine, you may have heard of Merlot, the celebrated red wine known for its smooth, velvety flavors. But have you ever ventured into the enchanting realm

Paige leaning on a truck drinking a glass of dry merlot wine

Is Merlot Sweet or Dry?

When it comes to the world of wine, there’s an incredible variety of options to explore. Among the red wines, Merlot often stands out as a popular choice. But is Merlot sweet, or

Paige surrounded by Merlot bottles, drinking red wine

Merlot 101: A Grape with a Story to Tell

Each October, I rejoice as the temperatures cool and leaves begin their transition into bright auburn colors – luscious reds, fiery oranges, golden yellows. Harvest comes to a close here in wine country

Should Chardonnay be chilled? Paige drinking chilled Chardonnay on patio with food pairing and sunflowers on table

Should Chardonnay Be Chilled?

Ah, Chardonnay – the queen of white wines. Its crisp and refreshing character makes it a favorite for many wine enthusiasts. But here’s the million-dollar question: should you chill your Chardonnay, and if

A glass of Chardonnay surrounded by vines

Chardonnay 101: Your Complete Guide

Everything you need to know about Chardonnay. Chardonnay is one of the most versatile and expressive grapes out there. It’s one of the first varietals that came into my awareness, thanks to an

A glass of unoaked Chardonnay next to a bottle on a kitchen counter. A couple stands in the background

Unoaked Chardonnay: Crisp and Unforgettable

If you’re new to the world of white wines, you might have heard the term “unoaked Chardonnay” thrown around. But what does it mean, and why is it making waves in the wine

two friends drinking wine with charcuterie in the foreground and two bottles of wine, including chardonnay.

Is Chardonnay Sweet or Dry?

Is Chardonnay Dry, Sweet, or Somewhere in Between? Unraveling the Chardonnay Mystery Chardonnay, the quintessential dry white wine, often finds itself at the center of a taste debate: Is Chardonnay sweet, is it

A group of women with oaked chardonnay in wine glasses in front of wine barrels

Oaked Chardonnay: Unveiling the Magic

Unlocking the Secrets of Oak-Barrel-Aged Delight When it comes to wine, few varietals carry the allure and charm of Chardonnay. In the world of wine, “oaked Chardonnay” is like poetry in a bottle,

Paige drinking a GSM Wine blend with three bottles of wine in front of her on a bed and her cat, Arwen. A camera is shown also on the bed.

GSM Wine Blend: Decoding Rhône Blends & Legacy

The world of wine is a diverse and delightful realm, filled with intriguing blends and varietals that offer a tapestry of flavors. Among these, the GSM wine blend stands out as a gem

Paige holding dry white wine

Dry White Wine for Sipping, Cooking, & More

Greetings, wine aficionados and culinary connoisseurs! Today, we’re diving into the delightful realm of dry white wine—a treasure trove of flavors, aromas, and culinary possibilities.  Whether you’re a seasoned sommelier or a novice

Cremant de Bourgogne being poured into a champagne coupe

Crémant de Bourgogne: Sparkling Excellence from France

When it comes to sparkling wine, Champagne may be the first name that springs to mind, but there’s another French gem that’s been quietly delighting wine enthusiasts for centuries—Crémant de Bourgogne. This sparkling

Fumé Blanc in a white wine glass next to a plate of salmon

What is Fumé Blanc? Unlocking Wine’s Mystique

For wine connoisseurs and enthusiasts, the name “Fume Blanc” evokes an air of intrigue and a whisper of elegance. This dry white wine, often associated with Robert Mondavi Winery and inspired by the

Two women drinking Dry Red Wine on a fall picnic

Unlocking the Rich World of Dry Red Wine

When it comes to wine, there’s an abundance of choices to explore, from sparkling whites to luscious dessert wines. Among the wide array of options, dry red wine stands out as a beloved

New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc 101: Everything You Need to Know

Sauvignon Blanc Unveiled: Exploring the Elegance of a Timeless White Wine Sauvignon Blanc is a summer staple for a reason! In the realm of white wines, few varietals possess the sheer versatility, crispness,

New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc in a white wine glass with grapes

New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc Deep Dive

New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc: Exploring the Vibrant Essence of a Wine Icon New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc has etched its place in the world of wine as a true icon, captivating wine enthusiasts with

Two glasses of Sauvignon Blanc surrounded by white wine bottles and grapes

Is Sauvignon Blanc Sweet or Dry?

Sauvignon Blanc is a popular white wine. You may be wondering – is Sauvignon Blanc sweet? Or is Sauvignon Blanc dry? The short answer – typically, Sauvignon Blanc is dry (AKA “not sweet”),

Paige in a field of yellow flowers sipping Pinot Grigio

Pinot Grigio: Your Complete Guide

Welcome to the world of Pinot Grigio, where summer sipping meets sheer enjoyment in every glass!  This delightful white wine has earned its place as a beloved favorite among wine enthusiasts around the

Pinot Gris vs Pinot Grigio - two glasses of white wine next to a bottle of wine

Pinot Gris vs Pinot Grigio: Unravel the Subtle Nuances

Curious about the differences between Pinot Gris vs Pinot Grigio? You’re not alone! Wine enthusiasts often encounter the terms “Pinot Grigio” and “Pinot Gris,” assuming they refer to two distinct wines. However, these

Asti Spumante Sparkling wine in champagne flutes with people holding the glasses

Asti Spumante: A Sweet & Bubbly Italian Classic

If you’re looking for a sweet and refreshing sparkling wine, look no further than Asti Spumante. This classic Italian wine is known for its light, fruity flavor and effervescent bubbles, making it the