Wine Bottle Bouquet DIY: Your Complete How-To

Wine Bottle Bouquet with flowers and hands

Ever been stumped for a unique and creative gift idea? Look no further than the charming world of wine bottle bouquets!

Recently, I had the pleasure of attending an event at Priest Ranch Winery in Yountville where we crafted these delightful floral arrangements, and let me tell you, it was a blast. Not only is it a ton of fun for a girls’ night in (think wine, laughter, and a touch of floral flair!), but a wine bottle bouquet also makes a perfect, personalized gift for Mother’s Day, birthdays, or any occasion that deserves a celebratory sip and a pop of color.

So, grab your favorite bottle of vino, some fresh blooms, and get ready to unleash your inner florist – we’re about to create a showstopping gift that’s both fun to make and beautiful to behold!

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What You Need:

Video Tutorial - DIY Wine Bottle Flower Bouquet:

Wine Bottle Bouquet Instructions:

  1. Start by soaking your foam in water (so that your wine bottle bouquet has some water and can stay hydrated longer!)
  2. Secure foam on the wine bottle using wire and adhesive on foam (make it super tight!)
  3. Cut flowers short and arrange them into the foam, sticking the stems in tightly.
  4. Fill the space until it feels complete to you. Be creative!
  5. Ta-da! Enjoy your beautiful bouquet. 🌸
Paige holding a wine bottle bouquet
Priest Ranch sparkling rose wine being poured into flutes with flowers in the background
hands crafting a flower bouquet for a wine bottle
Wine bottle flower bouquet

So there you have it! With a little creativity and these easy-to-follow steps, you’ve got yourself a stunning wine bottle bouquet ready to impress.

Whether you’re whipping one up for a fun girls’ night activity or crafting a thoughtful gift for a special woman in your life, this unique floral arrangement is sure to be a conversation starter and a delightful surprise.

Now go forth, unleash your inner florist, and get ready to raise a toast to a gift that’s as beautiful as it is delicious!


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