12 Holiday Charcuterie Board Ideas to Inspire You

12 Holiday Charcuterie Board Ideas to Inspire You

Get inspired with these holiday charcuterie board ideas!

Festive charcuterie boards are the perfect addition to your holiday feast.  They’re nice to look at, inspire fun wine pairings, and, most importantly, are delicious.  It can be easy to get lost in the world of artisan meats and locally-sourced cheeses. but don’t worry—I’m here to help! 

This year I am giving you 12 Holiday charcuterie board ideas that will be sure to impress your guests.

12 Holiday Charcuterie Board Ideas...

a charcuterie wreath

This charcuterie board by The Board and the Babe is simple, yet beautiful. And festive! Your favorite crackers, cheeses, and meats, as well as little bites like grapes, nuts, olives and cranberries are all you need to make this charcuterie board perfect. Get the recipe here.

Christmas tree cheese platter

Surprise your guests this holiday season with this Christmas tree cheese platter by Munchkin Time! Just looking at this cheese platter gives you all the festive vibes. This holiday charcuterie board idea is sure to leave an impression! Get the recipe here.

Christmas Dessert Charcuterie Board

This is a sweet twist on the classic holiday charcuterie board! This Christmas dessert charcuterie board by Rainbow Plant Life includes sweet treats, fresh berries, chocolate candies, brownies or truffles, and whatever else satisfies your sweet tooth! Get the recipe here.


These perfect bites by Casa de Crews are a great party treat. Crisp, sweet apples layered with fresh basil and brie cheese… what’s a better combination? Get the recipe here.


This is so fun and festive that I had to add another! This holiday charcuterie board by Muy Bueno is more fruit-focused, and will definitely be a hit for a kid-friendly gathering. Get the recipe here.

charcuturie box

These mini boxes inspired by the Miami Grazing Company make a perfect gift, party favor, travel snack, or are even great for a solo night in. Find more inspiration here.

Sweet and savory charcuterie box

The charcuterie boxes are just too perfect (and perfect for those germophobes in the family!) This travel charcuterie box by Honey Brunch Events offers a sweet and savory bite that your guests will absolutely love. Find more inspiration here.

hot chocolate dessert board

This hot chocolate dessert board by Casey Leigh is almost too good to eat! Sweets, cookies, and hot chocolate are what make this board absolutely perfect. One of the most unique holiday charcuterie board ideas on this list. Get the recipe here.

Candy cane inspired charcuterie board

This holiday charcuterie board idea will definitely have your guests in the holiday spirit! This ”cheesy cane” by Grate Boards will be a great appetizer for your holiday dinner, or be a perfect pairing for your holiday wine tasting. Find more inspiration here.

Pinecone shaped cheese balls

These pinecone shaped cheese balls by Ain’t Too Proud to Meg are picture-perfect, and SO easy to make. It’s one of the more unique holiday charcuterie board ideas! Get the recipe here.

A beautiful antipasto holiday wreath

This charcuterie wreath by Sneaky Mommies gets me right in the holiday spirit. There’s so many different ingredients you could use to put this holiday charcuterie board together. Get the recipe here.

Burrata Board

Another inspiring board by Ain’t Too Proud to Meg! This one includes peaches, prosciutto, heirloom tomatoes, and cherries. Get the recipe here.

Whether you’re going to a large holiday party, a small family event, a holiday wine tasting, or just having a date night in, these holiday charcuterie board ideas are sure to be a big hit!


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