Four of the Best Wine Hangover Cures

Four of the Best Wine Hangover Cures

Your head is ready to explode. Your mouth is dry and filled with a nauseating taste. Your eyes are unable to adjust to the mid afternoon light. You’d rather crawl back into bed and just stay there forever. We’ve all been there. If you don’t know, what I just described, it’s the dreaded wine hangover. Sometimes one glass just turns into another, which turns into another, which turns into… how many exactly? All you want when you wake up is a quick-and easy way to feel like your normal self again. While the internet offers countless “wine hangover cures”, do they really work? Luckily I’m here to help you out. 

Let’s talk wine hangovers.


To find the cure, let’s go over the root cause of a wine hangover:

Alcohol is a diuretic, which essentially means that it enhances your urine production. Because of that, all of the fluid that is leaving your system is setting the stage for dehydration. Dehydration can lead to those awful hangover symptoms such as headaches, fatigue, dizziness, upset stomach, that cotton mouth feeling, and more.

So how do you end this misery? Let’s go over a few of my go-to wine hangover cure remedies.

toutalou bottles - wine hangover cures

The Best Wine Hangover Cures


If you’re like me, you’re highly conscientious about what you put in your body. You don’t want a hangover relief that’s going to pump more toxins into your body. That’s why I love Toutalou.

Toutalou drinks use traditional wellness methods combined with innovative herbal remedies to help heal you from within. From DHM to Kudzu Root, their flagship product Revive has some of the best ingredients nature can offer.

For best results, they recommend taking prior to drinking, and one when you’re done. But for those of us living spontaneous lives, I find it works pretty effectively if I sip one when I get home and another in the morning.

Honestly, I love these things so much and the steady stream of energy they provide, that I find myself sipping them mid-day sometimes, sans alcohol, just to give myself a boost.

Check them out for yourself here.

drop it - wine hangover prevention


All you wine lovers like myself, this is your wine hangover cure.

Before I let you in on this product, let’s go over a controversial wine hangover topic: sulfites. Despite what you may read on the internet, sulfites are not the culprit. Sulfites in wine have been used in winemaking for thousands of years, ever since the ancient Romans discovered that it would keep their wine from turning into vinegar. While some may be more sensitive to sulfites in wine for medical reasons, sulfites typically are not a cause of a hangover.

Now that that’s out of the way, let talk about these drops. Drop it is an all-natural product that allows you to enjoy your favorite glass of wine, without a headache. All you have to do is add a couple of drops to your glass, and let it work its magic.

We all know that the wine hangover hits a little differently than any other hangover, so why not give it a try? You can get your own drops here.

pickles in a jar - wine hangover cure


Ok, hear me out on this one. I don’t know what it is about this combination, but don’t knock it until you try it.

Here’s why I think it’s so effective. First, cucumber (juice, in this case) contains B vitamins, electrolytes, and sugar to replenish essential nutrients that alcohol absorbs from your body. Secondly, pickle juice contains sodium and potassium, both of which are important electrolytes that may be lost due to excessive alcohol intake. Put them together, and you’ll be feeling better in no time. Goodbye wine hangover (until next time)!


What’s the best and only cure for hangovers? Hydration

At the end of the day, the only true hangover prevention is drinking in moderation and hydrating! I know, it doesn’t sound fun. But, I promise you’ll see a big difference the morning after if you drink plenty of water during the day, and have a glass of water in between drinks.

Wine Hangover Cure Commonly Asked Questions

How to treat a wine hangover?
Hydration is going to be your best route! Drink plenty throughout the day, and try to sip some in-between glasses.

Can wine give headaches?
Short answer, yes. The long answer is that Alcohol is a diuretic, which enhances your urine production and results in dehydration. Being dehydrated can lead to those hangover headaches, and even fatigue, dizziness, and upset stomach.

What wine gives you the least hangover?
Most like to think that you’ll be less hungover with a white wine, than a red wine, but really, neither is worst than the other. Like any other alcohol, it all comes down to how much you drink!

Take these all as suggestions. There’s really no one-stop-shop cure that will make you feel instantly good from a night of drinking. But these can all be an aide to help you get over your hangover a little faster.

What’s your favorite wine hangover cure? Tell me below!