The Best & Cutest Wine Glasses for Port

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If you’re a lover of Port wine, you probably already know it doesn’t come served in your typical wine glass! And for those of you reading this and wondering what Port wine is, it’s a sweet, fortified red wine made in Portugal! Because it’s so rich, it’s normally enjoyed as a dessert wine, and because it’s so strong, it gets served in its very own glass! 

This fortified wine is meant to be enjoyed in much smaller portions! On average, glasses for port wine hold about 7 oz and stand about 6 inches high – which is a few inches shorter than your typical red wine glass. 

It’s not something you’ll find in every home bar, but if you or a special someone in your life loves Port, check out these fun, worthwhile investments!

Best Wine Glasses for Port

There’s a lot of simple, run of the mill glassware sets out there – and that’s great if you like to keep things classic, and don’t want to worry about the possibility of clashing decor – but if you’re looking for something a little more unique, I’ve got you covered! 

Here are some of my favorite wine glasses for Port that pack a whole lot of fun, color, and whimsy! 

Purple wine glass with small bees engraved into the glasses
Image via A ROCHÈRE

Napoleon Bee Aubergine Port Glasses

These purple Napoleon Bee Aubergine wine glasses are absolutely stunning! It’s hard not to immediately fall in love with this fun set of six – though an important note is they’re slightly bigger than your average Port wine glass. If these gorgeous glasses end up in your home bar, try and remember not to have a heavy pour!


A person sipping port wine out of a small glass with a straw
Image via True Douro

True Douro Port Sippers

Who says sippy cups are only for kids? It’s impossible not to have fun with these unique – and honestly, slightly quirky looking – Port glasses! These cute glasses will get some laughs, but in all seriousness, the straw can really help elevate your tasting experience! Because it draws from the bottom of the glass and prevents excessive oxidation, each sip will be filled with more intense flavor! 


Four, cherry wine colored port glasses with a clear base
Image via PixxieTressureChest on Etsy

Vintage Cherry Port Wine Glasses

There’s something about these vintage cherry Port wine glasses that screams retro vibes to me! I can picture these glasses clinking at a summer cocktail party in the ’60s, while everyone sits around listening to The Beach Boys and The Beatles. Despite being actual vintage, these port wine glasses are in excellent shape! 



Boston Claret Port Set

If you really love Port and all things maximalist, then you should definitely spurge on this crystal set! It’s a classic design in a fun color, and it’s giving serious “Connecticut Casual” vibes. If you’re not feeling the green, it also comes in a vibrant, retro red and pale blue. 


Set of six rose colored wine glasses
Image via artyepicurean on Etsy

Vintage French Port Glasses

These vintage, French Port glasses are a true rare find! They might be from the ’70s, but this rosé colored set will fit in just fine with your home bar. 


Assortment of vintage color glassware sets
Images via HowFastTimeFlies on Etsy

Vintage, Colored Glassware Sets

Okay, so technically, this is a set of glassware… but it does include a port glass! You’ll find a handful of other glasses in the mix – which will come in handy when you want to make margaritas, martinis, and other cocktails! If you’re someone who’s looking to design a really fun and  aeclectic home bar, full of whimsy and color, I highly recommend one (or several) of these colored sets!



Frequently Asked Questions

What is the correct glass for Port?

Port wine is served out of Port glasses – which are much smaller than your typical wine glass!

Why is Port served in a small glass? 

Port is a sweet, fortified red wine that has a much higher alcohol content! It’s also very rich, and is usually enjoyed as a dessert wine! 

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