The Best Dog-Friendly Napa Wineries

The Best Dog-Friendly Napa Wineries

Wine & Dogs – the greatest pairing in the world. Did you know that there are some amazing dog-friendly wineries and tasting rooms in Napa? Whether you’re a dog owner, or just want to end up where the puppers are, you’re in the right spot! I have your go-to guide on the best dog-friendly wineries in Napa.

Before you emBARK on your day, you should definitely start off with some carb loading. The Napa Farmers Market is the perfect place to start! Located in the heart of the downtown area, the market is year-round and showcases local farmers, food producers, and artisans. You’re bound to find something you love there. I personally love the artisan bagels by TOASTED. Don’t forget to grab a small treat for your pup as well!

napa cellars

Napa Cellars

Let’s start with my favorite dog-friendly destination in Napa: Napa Cellars. In terms of presentation for a dog-friendly experience, they have it in the bag. Upon arriving, you’re seated outside among the vines and your dog is presented with their very own silver tray tasting. This tasting includes dog treats, water served out of a repurposed wine bottle, and a keepsake bandana to take home. They also have plenty of outdoor space, perfect for hanging out and sipping some great wine.

Trefethen Vineyard in Napa


This was already one of my favorite Napa wineries all-around, and their dog-friendly environment just solidifies that! The passionate family who owns Trefethen crafts beautiful wines. I’m absolutely obsessed with their Merlot,  and a lot of people rave about their Riesling and Chardonnay. On top of that, their outdoor garden area is spacious and always dog-friendly. A trip here will be a special day to share with your dog!

Paraduxx in Napa


The outdoor space at Paraduxx is set up perfectly for dogs. Their seating areas in their courtyard are spacious and offer views of their vineyard. The staff was incredibly accommodating of our furry friends, and even offered them a “Barkuterie” board. This board is probably the fanciest thing your dog will ever have! It comes with a Chicken Apple Sausage treat, pumpkin and banana bite, peanut butter and molasses bite, and a Paraduxx branded pup cookie. 

Oasis by Hoopes in Napa

Oasis By Hoopes

A true Oasis, and one of the most laid-back tasting experiences in Napa. This stunning property surrounded by vines is not only home to some incredible wines, but also a farmer’s market, vegetable garden, and more than a few rescued animals. The space is extremely dog-friendly, and you’re welcome to explore around the property and introduce your dog to the abundance of farm animals they have. Your dog will enjoy it here just as much as you do!

Honig Wine in Napa

Honig Wine

This family-owned winery is absolutely gorgeous. Situated in the midsts of sprawling vineyards, you’re surrounded by a green, tranquil view that makes you feel at ease as soon as you enter. Honig also offers an outside tasting room that is dog-friendly and will make your dog feel just as peaceful as you do. If you’ve followed me for a while, you know that in my book this winery gets an extra bonus point for having a female winemaker!

Angele Restaurant, Napa

Angele Restaurant and bar

Finish up your evening with dinner and drinks in downtown Napa at Angèle Restaurant and Bar. Located on the riverfront, Angele is absolutely delicious, and so, so cute! ⁣


Are Napa wineries dog-friendly?
Not all wineries in Napa are dog-friendly, only some. I would recommend checking ahead before you head out for the day!

Are there pet-friendly restaurants in Napa?
Many Napa restaurants offer outdoor areas for you and your pet so you can both dine in style! Again, always call ahead and check.

A day trip to these dog-friendly wineries is sure to be a day that neither you nor your dog will forget!