Oasis by Hoopes

Oasis by Hoopes

What an oasis it was! This stunning property surrounded by vines is also home to a farmer’s market, vegetable garden, and more than a few rescued animals.

While chatting with Lindsay Hoopes, I learned about how passionate she is about creating a full experience for people who come to visit — for wine lovers, for those not that into wine, for parents looking for children-friendly wineries, for wine experts and novices alike. There’s something for everyone. The tasting room is designed to remind us that wine is an agricultural product, and the tasting room shouldn’t be removed from that, but rather part of the holistic experience. ⁣

Lindsay also believes in crafting really beautiful wines that are approachable and enjoyable for everyday moments, while still feeling special. Every day is a special occasion, especially in current times, and we all deserve to drink great wines!

For me, the standouts were their Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon, but I would easily take home the whole lineup if I could.

Located in Napa — make sure to save this post and head there on your next wine trip! It’s a fantastic spot you won’t want to miss. ⁣