17+ Butter Boards to Try TikTok’s Latest Trend

Butter board inspiration

Charcuterie boards are the perfect way to gather friends and family, enjoy an array of different flavors and textures, and, let’s be honest here – appetizers make any get-together infinitely more fun. But there is one thing that can elevate your charcuterie board experience even further – butter! That’s right, butter boards are taking the world by storm (thank you TikTok), and for good reason! They’re easy to make, creamy, and can pack a lot of flavor in each bite. That’s why we’ve gathered some inspiration for as many types of flavorful butter boards as possible. Prepare yourself for recipes bursting with flavor!

What is a Butter Board?

A butter board is actually pretty simple! All it involves is a large cutting board (or cheese plate) and a generous amount of softened butter spread all around. But you don’t just have to stop at the butter! You can add things like seasonings, spices, vegetables, fruits, jams, and sauces. The possibilities are endless! Food My Muse gives us a beautiful example of what this board can look like for you! 

@foodmymuse All I will say is @Justine Doiron you are an evil genius and my #butter loving heart thanks you. #butterboards #butterboard #salsamacha #recipes ♬ original sound - Nadia Aidi

Butter Board Ideas

Butter Board with Roasted Garlic and Honey
Image via Marathons and Motivation

Roasted Garlic and Honey Board

The butter board. It’s the new must-have for butter and charcuterie lovers alike. Not only does it look great, but it tastes even better! They can come in a range of flavors, but this roasted garlic and honey one may be hard to beat! 

Instructions & inspiration here

Cinnamon Honey Butter Board
Image via The Forked Spoon

Cinnamon Honey Board

Have you had butter lately? No, not butter on toast, butter on a butter charcuterie board! This delightful and delectable butter platter is the perfect treat for anyone who loves to spread butter on their bread. Made with hand-rolled butter and garnished with delicious cinnamon and honey, it’s sure to tickle your taste buds and get your mouth watering! Plus, it makes a great centerpiece at any dinner party or gathering.

Instructions & inspiration here

Holiday Butter Board
Image via Cook the Story

Holiday Board

We all know I love a good Holiday Charcuterie Board, but this year we’re stepping it up to a butter board! It’s the perfect appetizer before supper that’s unexpected and delicious! Throw some seasonal herbs and treats on there, and you’ll have a new holiday favorite. 

Instructions & inspiration here

Peanut Butter Board
Image via Food Faith Fitness

Peanut Butter Board

If the thought of spreading butter on a board isn’t your thing, don’t worry – try peanut butter instead! This is perfect to bring to a brunch get together, or can serve as a special treat for your kids. Just add your favorite fruits, waffles, pancakes, or whatever else sounds good to you! Remember to have fun with it.

Instructions & inspiration here

Dessert Butter Board
Image via The Darling Apron

Dessert Board

You can also try a dessert board, inspired by the classic butter board! This would work perfect if you’re in a pinch for a dessert, or want a fun way to surprise your other half or kids. A large board would work best for this, and I would add some vanilla wafers for dipping!

Instructions & inspiration here

Cranberry Butter Board
Image via Three Olives Branch

Cranberry Board

When it comes to butter charcuterie boards, butter is not just a sidekick, it’s the star! Move over cheese and meats – butter is taking the stage with creative butter board offerings that are sure to be a hit at your next gathering. Gone are the days of butter being an afterthought. From herb-infused butters served alongside freshly baked breads like this one, to flavor-crusted butter slices garnished with fresh herbs and edible flowers – this board can rival any charcuterie spread and be just as unique.

Instructions & inspiration here

Honey Coriander Butter Board
Image via Justine Doiron

Honey Coriander Board

Spoil yourself this week and make this beautiful honey coriander board! Not only will this board give you an excuse to whip up something special, but it’s also one of the tastiest indulgences out there. Choose from an assortment of buttery spreads such as salty butter, herbs butter and compound butter, arranged across a platter with some seriously savory snacks like olives, meats and cheeses. With a butter charcuterie board in front of you, get ready for a truly sumptuous experience – melt-in-your-mouth butter that becomes one with its delectable accompaniments!

Instructions & inspiration here

Sweet and Spicy Butter Board
Image via Aubrey's Kitchen

Sweet and Spicy Board

If you’ve been searching for an inclusive way to butter everyone up, look no further than this sweet and spicy board! Your friends and family will be charmed by its buttery selection of spreads, jellies, jams, and dips. Its compact nature, yet expanded butter-filled palette make it the perfect way to generously satisfy all your guests. A butter board can act as the center of attention for any gathering– or buttering!

Instructions & inspiration here

Baklava Butter Board
Image via Food Dolls

Baklava Board

There’s nothing like whipping up a fun and unique appetizer for your next gathering. It’s time to take butter and turn it into an appetizer! Lay out your butter board with a selection of meats, cheeses, and spreads. No doubt there will be some that wonder if butter truly belongs on the plate, but you’ll put those doubters to rest with creamy and delectable butter slathered across savory accompaniments. Enjoy the buttery brilliance yourself or share the love with your friends—it’s sure to be an unexpected treat no one sees coming!

Instructions & inspiration here

Vegan Butter Board
Image via Williamette Transplant

Vegan Board

Impress your vegan friends and family with this vegan butter board that’s sure to satisfy any vegan’s tastebuds. This vegan version of the classic “butter charcuterie board,” comes complete with vegan cheese, fruit and nuts, providing a range of flavors that you wouldn’t believe are vegan friendly. Providing an elevated cheese experience without the dairy variations makes this vegan charcuterie board the perfect table centerpiece for all occasions!

Instructions & inspiration here

Lemon, Fig & Honey Butter Board
Image via Chica and Jo

Lemon, Fig & Honey Board

The butter charcuterie board is the latest food trend, and with good reason! For all you butter aficionados out there, it’s the perfect way to indulge your craving for buttery goodness. Not only does this mouth-watering buttery assortment look beautiful on your kitchen counter, but it also provides a unique opportunity to sample different types of butter from around the world. Whether you enjoy sweet or savory butter, or prefer butter made from goat’s milk or cow’s milk, a butter board will make any gathering even more delightful! Bon appetit!

Instructions & inspiration here

TikTok Inspired Butter Boards

@naughtyfork Butter board is my new fvaorite thing. Idea by @Justine Doiron !! #fyp #butterboard #foryou #tiktokfood #viral ♬ Chill Day - LAKEY INSPIRED

Easy Butter Board

With butter boards trending on TikTok, it’s no wonder why they’re becoming the latest snack craze. Combining a buttery spread with all sorts of delicious snacks, butter charcuterie boards offer a unique presentation and unforgettable taste. Whether you’re looking for something to munch on during movie night or wanting to show off some impressive culinary skills, this board is sure to be a hit. So get creative and enjoy this buttery art form – your taste buds will thank you!

TikTok via The Naughty Fork

@central_market We couldn’t resist putting our own spin on the viral #butterboard ♬ Aesthetic - Tollan Kim

Italian-Style Board

A butter board has become a Tiktok sensation recently, with an unexpected number of butter lovers posting creative masterpieces. But why butter? Well, butter is the perfect accompaniment to your charcuterie board for a variety of reasons. Its bold and creamy flavor adds some extra depth when combined with savory cured meats and salty cheeses. Spread it onto crackers or vegetables for a tasty snack, and enjoy some truly delicious flavors. Plus, don’t forget the butter’s aesthetically pleasing look that makes it just as attractive as all the other food on your plate. Who knew butter could be so chic?

TikTok via Central Market

@zestfulkitchen Let’s make my favorite #butterboard 👏🏼 crispy shallots and garlic make the perfect savory topping #fyp #trending ♬ original sound - Zestfulkitchen

Crispy Shallot Board

Butter boards, made popular by Tiktok’s butter enthusiast devotees, have become the go-to addition to gatherings and parties everywhere. From outdoor BBQs to formal dinner soireés, butter charcuterie boards are the ultimate crowd pleaser. With a few simple ingredients – butter, your favorite accompaniments (crackers and breads), and some creative toppings – you can turn a simple dish into an elegant butter paradise. Take your charcuterie game up to the next level by adding unique herbs and spices that add an extra flavor kick to an already delicious meal!

TikTok via Zestful Kitchen

@lindseyharbison 5 dozen rolls, tons of cinnamon butter, and a wrong order later, we have a Lazy Girl Butter Board! 😋💕 So excited to bring this to girl’s night! #butterboard #texasroadhousebutter #butterboardideas #butterboards ♬ Sunshine - WIRA

Lazy Girl Butter Board

Need an impressive snack without much effort? Try this lazy girl board! Slap some butter on a board of crackers and call it a day — there’s no pancake art you have to be concerned about here. Whether you want a full party spread or just something small for yourself, butter charcuterie boards are simple and delicious way to satisfy your butter-loving cravings.

TikTok via Lindsey Harbison

Butter Board Appetizer

If you’ve been on TikTok recently, you’ve probably seen butter boards trending. If you think it may be too much butter for your taste- don’t worry, these boards are much more than just a slab of butter! Enjoy an array of buttery treats like crostini topped with butter, honey and herbs, butter-basted shrimp skewers, or even slabs of butter dusted with herbs to take your dreams of butter heaven one step closer. The possibilities are unlimited and the flavor combinations are extraordinary – so what’s stopping you from being one ‘gram away from culinary stardom?

TikTok via Chef K Los Angeles

Common Charcuterie Board Questions

How do you eat from a butter board?
The best, and most fun way, is with a piece of bread. Though you can also use a butter knife to scoop some on your bread in a more sophisticated manner, but I think the hands-on joy of using bread to dip into the board is half the fun!

What do you eat with butter boards?
I would serve your board with a side of some crackers, biscuits, crostini, toasts, and whatever else sounds good to you! 

If you make a butter board, take a picture on Instagram and tag me @winewithpaige!

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