Scary Good Halloween Inspired Charcuterie Boards

Hocus Pocus halloween charcuterie board

It’s almost Halloween season, and while I’m spooked by the daunting end of summer, the thought of Halloween gets me through it!

It’s no secret that I love Halloween, just as it’s no secret that I love unique charcuterie boards. So why not put those two things together?! These boards are equal amounts delicious and ghoulish.

Let’s dive right in!

Halloween Charcuterie Board Roundup

Pumpkin charcuterie board
Image via The Baker Mama

Pumpkin Snack Board

The ultimate Halloween classic: a jack-o-lantern. While this board is pretty large, it’s very easy and super festive. Simply combine your favorite sweet and savory orange snacks, and line them equally across the board. Be sure to make space for the triangle eyes, nose, and big, goofy smile (which you can fill with dark fruits). I would opt for some pumpkin-themed plates to serve these tasty treats on as well!

Instructions & inspiration here

Festive Halloween Snack Board
Image via Cerriously

Festive Halloween Snack Board

The ghost and zombie candy holders on this Halloween charcuterie board are EVERYTHING! Not to mention the adorable creature’s eyes on the cookies, pretzels, and pastries.  To me, this is what a Halloween charcuterie board is all about. It’s fun, creative, festive, and not overly complicated! 

Instructions & inspiration here

Spooky Charcuterie Board

This spooky board perfectly embodies the Halloween spirit. For this Halloween charcuterie board, just make (or buy) your favorite Halloween-inspired cookies, caramel apples, candy, and fruit. It’s a perfect presentation for a small Halloween gathering, and will definitely impress your guests.

Instructions & inspiration here

Classic Halloween charcuterie board
Image via Rocky Mtn Mama

Classic Halloween Charcuterie Board

The use of a mini pumpkin as the centerpiece on this board is so clever! In my opinion, having a centerpiece makes it easier to bring your board to life. All you have to do is fill the spaces around with all of your favorite, theme-appropriate snacks. You can always spruce it up when you’re done by adding little figures, like these very spooky spiders. 

Instructions & inspiration here

Witches brew board
Image via Play Party Plan

Witches Brew Board

While most think of the color orange when it comes to Halloween, I always think of the colors purple and green, which is why this board really stood out to me! This board is a unique addition to the Halloween spread, and the specific color theme makes it easier to grab the ingredients you need for it.

Instructions & inspiration here

Hocus Pocus halloween charcuterie board
Image via Something Delightful

Hocus Pocus Snack Board

“Sisters, All Hallow’s Eve has become a night of frolic, where children wear costumes and run amok!” —Winifred Sanderson

It’s not Halloween without Hocus Pocus, so of course, I had to find a Hocus Pocus-themed charcuterie board. Other than the very iconic Sanderson sisters front and center of this board, my favorite part is the “witches brooms” made out of resees candies and pretzel sticks. 

Instructions & inspiration here

Savory and Sweet Coffin Board

I’m loving this coffin charcuterie board! I might just keep using it outside of the Halloween season. While you could go and make this a spooky board, I like how they kept it simple and delicious with all the sweet and savory foods that everyone can enjoy. You can really spice things up by adding some delicious dips and jams as well.

Instructions & inspiration here

Skeleton charcuterie board
Image via Melissa's Healthy Kitchen

Skeleton Charcuterie Board

This is another great example of using a centerpiece, and working around it! The biggest key to making it all work is to have no empty spaces. So be sure to buy enough to fill your entire board. Most charcuterie ingredients can be picked up right at Trader Joe’s, which is my personal charcuterie go-to.

Be sure to read my post on how to Build a Cheap Charcuterie Board: Trader Joe’s & Aldi Guides here.

Instructions and inspiration here

Sweet Halloween Charcuterie Board
Image via A Tufted Life

Sweet Halloween Charcuterie Board

Although I love a classic, savory charcuterie board, I’m all about the sweets when it comes to Halloween. This cute Halloween charcuterie board is great at balancing the Halloween theme (check out the skull vase and skeleton hand) while being bright and enticing.

Instructions & inspiration here

If you’re more of a sweets and desserts charcuterie board type of person, be sure to check out Sweet & Simple Dessert Charcuterie Boards to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth.

Halloween candy board
Image via Sage to Silver

Halloween Candy Board

Halloween candy is a delightful part of enjoying the spooky season. This Halloween candy board is a fun way to display those candy classics while sticking to a spooky theme. The pumpkin holding the M&M’s is my favorite addition to this board, and can be filled with any of your Halloween favorites!

Instructions & inspiration here

Common Charcuterie Board Questions

How to make a Halloween charcuterie board?
The most important first steps of making a Halloween charcuterie board are picking your board, and your theme. On a Halloween charcuterie board, the themes are endless (pumpkins, skeletons, spiders, etc.), but it’s up to you to make it your own!  If you’re stuck on how to start putting it all together, check out How to Craft the Perfect, Simple Charcuterie Board DIY.

What to put on a Halloween charcuterie board?
While a Halloween charcuterie board may seem a little daunting, you can always stick to the basic charcuterie etiquette by adding your meats, cheeses, fruit, preserves, and crackers. In honor of Halloween, you can shake it up by adding spooky decor, and lots of candy. Remember, there are no strict rules when it comes to charcuterie, so just have fun with it! 

If you make a Halloween-inspired charcuterie board, be sure to take a picture on Instagram and tag me @winewithpaige!

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