5 Reasons You Need to Visit Rocky Pond Estate Winery

Paige at Rocky Pond estate winery in Orondo, WA next to sign with mountains in background

Wine is all about experiences. Who you drink it with, where you drink it, the mood you’re in while sipping, the weather outside, the food you pair it with. Wine doesn’t exist in a vacuum. 

While seated around the chic and cozy dinner table at Rocky Pond Estate Winery in their new event venue, Milestone in Orondo, this sentiment really came to life in a new way. 

Rocky Pond Estate Winery brings it all together, curating a unique experience that combines great wine, remarkable food pairings, and a friendly atmosphere. 

Join me on a personal journey as I explore five compelling reasons why this winery is a must-visit destination.

Rocky Pond estate winery
Rocky Pond Estate Vineyard. in Rocky Reach AVA
Rocky Pond Estate Vineyard

1) Stunning Views & Unique Experiences

Whether you’re visiting Rocky Pond for one of their summer concerts or a day out wine tasting, they offer a range of unique experiences that are sure to delight! 

During my visit to the new Rocky Reach AVA, I had the opportunity to visit their Estate in Orondo and it was absolutely GORGEOUS – think stunning views with rolling vineyards surrounded by mountains in every direction. I can only imagine what it must look like in the springtime with the apple trees in full blossom, or in the autumn with all the beautiful fall colors. 

If you opt to head to Orondo for their wine experience, be sure to make an appointment for their vineyard or winery tours. You can use code 15Paige for 15% off through April 2024. 

Alternatively, Rocky Pond has tasting rooms in each of the major Washington tasting areas. You can visit them in Lake Chelan, Woodinville, and Leavenworth.

2) Remarkable Food Pairings

The Rocky Pond chefs offer incredible wine pairings for guests at both the Chelan and Woodinville tasting room locations.

Leading the culinary program, Rocky Pond has hand-selected Chef Douglas Setniker, a veteran of the industry, to be the Director of Culinary Experiences. 

His food is top-notch, locally sourced, and wine-first. Expect bites that are expertly crafted to accentuate and elevate each Rocky Pond wine. The dinner he prepared for us during our visit was divine!

The Dufenhorst Family, Proprietors of Rocky Pond in a vineyard

3) Family-Owned and Passionately Growing

Started by the Dufenhorst Family just a few short years ago, Rocky Pond is quickly growing and taking the Washington wine scene by storm. 

Without their passion for the unique soils and terroir in the Rocky Reach AVA, it wouldn’t have been established as its own wine-growing designation – and it’s exciting to see where they’ll take their drive and passion for the industry next!

At Rocky Pond Winery, family is at the heart of everything they do. 

From vineyard to bottle, every step of the process reflects the care and dedication of the family behind the operation. This intimate connection to the land and the craft shines through in each bottle of wine, creating a truly authentic and memorable experience for visitors. 

At Rocky Pond, you’re not just a guest; you’re welcomed into the family, where every sip tells a story of tradition, heritage, and love for the craft.

Rocky Pond detail shot
Detail Shot in the Orondo Event Space
Rocky Pond Vineyard Dirt in a hand
Soil sample from Rocky Reach AVA

4) Friendly Atmosphere

At Rocky Pond Winery, the atmosphere is as warm and inviting as a family gathering. 

From the moment you step foot on their grounds, you’re greeted with genuine smiles and a sense of hospitality that feels like home. The staff here are more than just experts in wine; they’re passionate storytellers eager to share their knowledge and love for their craft. 

Whether you’re a seasoned wine enthusiast or a curious newcomer, everyone is welcomed with open arms and treated like part of the family. It’s this friendly atmosphere that makes every visit to Rocky Pond Winery a memorable and enjoyable experience.

Elizabeth Keyser, winemaker
Elizabeth Keyser, winemaker
Rocky Reach Tumbled Granite Wine Bottle
Tumbled Granite Wine Bottle

5) World-Class Wines

I was absolutely blown away by the wines at Rocky Pond. In fact, their Syrah was my “ah-ha” moment Syrah and has completely changed the trajectory of how I look at this varietal (more on that coming soon). 

The pinnacle of their collection is their Tumbled Granite series: a singular red and white blend crafted with one criterion – unadulterated fruit purity. Two limited-production wines that vividly demonstrate the range and depth of character in their flagship DD vineyard.

In addition to those, Rocky Pond also produces a range of wines including Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, Grenache, Riesling, and Gewurtraminer. 

You can use code 15PAIGE for 15% off wine purchases through April 2024. Shop here.

Rocky Pond Winery stands as a testament to excellence in winemaking, offering a diverse portfolio of world-class wines that showcase the true essence of their vineyards and craftsmanship.

Rocky Reach Wines by a fireplace


In conclusion, Rocky Pond Estate Winery embodies the essence of wine as an experience, weaving together stunning views, remarkable food pairings, a family-owned ethos, a friendly atmosphere, and world-class wines into a tapestry of unforgettable moments. 

Whether you’re savoring a glass amidst the rolling vineyards of Orondo or indulging in culinary delights at their tasting rooms, each visit is a testament to Rocky Pond’s commitment to excellence and passion for their craft. 

With every sip, guests are invited to join the Rocky Pond family on a journey through the rich flavors and stories encapsulated in each bottle, making Rocky Pond Estate Winery a destination not to be missed for any wine enthusiast.


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