Memento Mori Wine: Embrace Life

Memento Mori Wine: Embrace Life

The first time I visited Memento Mori, I instantly fell in love. It was the perfect day to visit their cozy, chic tasting room: rain was pouring outside, thrumming on the tin roof, the stormy grey lighting outside set a romantic atmosphere and paired perfectly with the deep blue velvet furniture, the slight chill in the early spring air made Cabernet Sauvignon the ideal drink of choice. All this was complimented perfectly by their smart attention to detail in their decorating, stunning artwork, and of course, our hostess, Emily, and her friendly demeanor. By the time I left, I felt like I had just had a drink and caught up with my best friend in her home.  I was immediately enamored by everything surrounding their wine and branding.

Memento Mori wine is named for the life-embracing philosophy held by its three founders:  Hayes Drumwright, Adriel Lares, & Adam Craun, who each have an impressive history in terms of overcoming adversity and becoming extremely successful in their lives and careers. The story behind the brand is inspiring, and the thought and attention they put into everything to do make this group one to watch. They currently produce three stunning Napa Cabs sourced from highly-coveted vineyards and crafted by their well-esteemed wine-maker, Sam Kaplan. Visits are highly personalized and are for serious wine collectors and enthusiasts, with a price tag to match. 

68 Coombs Street
Napa, CA 94559

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