Holiday Gift Guide for Wine Lovers 2020

Holiday Gift Guide for Wine Lovers 2020

The holidays are such a joyous time! While holiday season 2020 may look a bit different than what we’re used to, I’m still so excited to share special moments with friends and family – often accompanied by a glass of wine! 

Join me in ringing in the holiday season and spreading some cheer with these hand-picked gifts, perfect for the wine lover in your life! 

Smith & Devereux is one of my all-time favorite Napa producers. They’re always doing something to give back to the industry and craft beautiful, approachable Napa wines. 

This Merlot is perfect for the holidays, with luscious complexity and dark fruit notes, you’ll be reaching for glass after glass. And what’s better than homemade Italian food? The Complete Italian Cookbook is  filled with simple, delightful recipes from celebrated chef Manuela Mazzocco. 

I’ve partnered with Smith & Devereux to bring you this limited edition gift set, hand-selected by myself, for just $55.

1) Olive & Poppy Honeycomb Ring

This gorgeous ring features wood from a reclaimed wine barrel, a chic way to wear your love for wine everyday. I have this ring in rose gold, but it also comes in silver and gold. Olive & Poppy was founded by two friends – Nicole Hughes and Anne Siegel, who believe that living in wine country is a state of mind, and the simple act of saying ‘cheers’ can bring you closer together. #womeninwine

2) Cheese Grotto

The Cheese Grotto is a wooden box designed to keep your cheese fresher, longer. I don’t know about you, but wine and cheese happens to be one of my favorite dinners… but I’m guilty of often buying too much at once! The Cheese Grotto helps extend the shelf life and is more sustainable (and cute) than wrapping your cheese in plastic wrap. Bonus… It’s another female-founded product that I love!

3) Cowgirl Creamery Cheese

So, you need some fancy cheese to put in your Cheese Grotto and pair with some wine… Cowgirl Creamery has you covered! They ship nationwide and are available in most Whole Foods, Krogers and independent cheese shops around the country, making it easy to #levelup your holiday get togethers. I recommend their Deluxe package as a gift, or they have monthly cheese clubs as well!

4) Isaih Pottery

Isaih is a master potter who creates beautiful hand-crafted pieces for living, eating, and drinking. He just launched his business this year, and as a dear friend of mine, I’m so excited to get to support him by sharing his work! All of his pottery is dishwasher and microwave safe, and sure to make a statement on your table. I love using his jars for a special “wow” factor on my cheese plates; he also crafts serving bowls, vases, mugs, candles, and more. Perfect for your own table, or as a gift this holiday season. As a side note… give him a follow on Instagram for a behind-the-scenes look at his work.

5) Coravin

Coravin is literally on every single list of wine tools or gifts I create. It’s an absolute necessity in my world, and I want to share the fun with everyone! A Coravin allows you to drink any wine, any time, without ever pulling the cork. You can pour yourself a single glass, preserving the bottle for years to come. The tool uses a needle to extract wine through the cork, then the cork naturally reseals itself. I personally have the Model 3 Elite, but they’re now on a Model 11 “Fully Automatic” System. You can’t go wrong with any of the tools in their lineup… it just comes down to price-point and ease. 

6) The New Sotheby’s Wine Enyclopedia

Written by experts around the world and beautifully illustrated with more than 400 images and maps, this definitive guide is perfect for the wine nerd in your life. Each page is packed with information on tasting notes, vineyard profiles, tasting room guides, grape know-how, and special information. The most up-to-date and comprehensive wine reference in the world, this stunning book is an oenophile’s dream–and a must-have for anyone looking to become an expert in wine.

7) Gold Wine Bar Necklace

This beautiful necklace features reclaimed wood from a Napa wine barrel. Each piece is truly unique, hand-crafted by female artist in Napa, California. The front displays the deep burgundy colored oak, which is the result of years of holding and aging world famous Napa wine. The open back displays the natural color of the oak. Available in horizontal or vertical bars.

8) 7 Days to Wine Confidence

Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt personally victimized by wine. 🙋 With an aura of mystery and an air of snobbiness, learning about wine can often feel like an uphill battle. But it should be FUN. And that’s what my ecourse, 7 Days to Wine Confidence, is all about! We break down the barriers, dig into the inside scoop, and make YOU a better wine taster. All in just one week. Use code HOLIDAY30 for $30 off until January 1st. 

9) Libbey Signature Gift Set

This gift guide would be amiss without wine glasses included! Libbey is one of my go-to favorites. They’re beautifully designed, accessibly priced, and sturdy enough to live up to everyday use (not to mention, you can toss them in the dishwasher!) The Greenwich set is my favorite shape– elegant and modern. Their gift sets come complete with a beautiful box, making this ready to give away!

10) Wine Pajamas

I am so totally obsessed with these pajamas. In fact, I think I’ve worn  them in at least four or five Instagram posts now… they’re just too cute, and so soft, too! The Etsy listing suggests them as a Bridesmaid gift, but I swear they’re perfect for any occasion. To make them more personal, you can also get them embroidered with your initials.

11) Wine Advent Calendar

I’m such a sucker for building anticipation and have always been a huge fan of advent calendars. But add in wine?! OMG! I seriously love holiday wine advent calendars, and this one from Sip & Savor promises to be amazing. With 12 individually-packaged glasses of wine, it’s something to look forward to, all holiday long. Get in on this ASAP before they sell out! (They’re also launching a quarterly subscription after the holidays… more on that soon!) Use this link for $10 off!

12) Wine Country Women: Heritage Families (Book)

Supporting female winemakers is a mission near and dear to my heart. Wine Country Women, an organization which promotes women in the industry, is working on a new book that honors women who are carrying on their families legacies. The book is currently on pre-sale, and proceeds will go to sommeliers affected by COVID-19. 

There’s also a previous book created by the same organization, Wine Country Women of Napa Valley, which showcases 65 of the leading ladies in the Napa Valley.

13) Welcome to Wine: An Illustrated Guide (Book)

Welcome to Wine is the guide all creative souls have been waiting for. As someone who learns visually, Madelyne’s illustrations are not only charming, but incredibly helpful. Wine is an art and a science, and this book beautifully combines both into an easy-to-understand reference guide. Not to mention, the imagery is absolutely whimsical and charming!

14) Vinovation O2 Wine Aerator

The Vinovation O2 Wine Aerator is a super fun wine tool that makes aerating a wine feel luxurious and fun. The O2 Wine Aerator adds oxygen to your wine and allows it to breathe. This enhances its flavour by softening the alcohol content, tannins, acidity and sulphites. Each aerator includes a beautiful glass decanter and their unique aerator tool. Use code PAIGE for free shipping in the U.S. and Canada. 

15) Bring on the Wine

Bring on the Wine is a wine competition like none other. Designed to be a tasting experience and a game wrapped into one, this brand-new product encourages friends to get together, taste some wine, and compete to bring the best bottle. A completely different way to look at “blind tasting” in the world of wine! 

16) Fiamma Wine Region Candles 

Fiamma candles are hand-crafted out of upcycled wine bottles and commemorative of your favorite wine region. Unlike most wine candles, you choose your region for the label, then choose your own scent for inside. My personal favorite? Sandalwood. It’s absolutely divine. The wooden wicks also make a soft, charming “crackle” sound while burning.  All materials come from sustainable sources, and this is another female-founded business to support. Use code PAIGE20 for 20% off.