Three Generations of Women in Wine: Castell d’Age

Paige drinking Castell d'Age Rouge

Rooted in tradition, crafted with care, and focused on sustainability, Castell d’Age is serving up some incredible wines that I just have to share. 

The history of Castell d’Age is tied to three generations of women: grandmother, mother and daughter. Set in the Penedès countryside, sheltered under a beautiful Mediterranean sky, these women craft organic wines and Cava of the highest quality. 

Aurèlia Figueras - First generation Castell d'Age

The first generation. 

Castell d’Age began with Aurèlia Figueras, a woman ahead of her time. It was she who was able to breathe life into the land that had belonged to her family for over fifty years. 

In 1969, when Aurèlia Figueras decided to start planting her Xarel.lo vines, Francisco Franco, the repressive, autocratic dictator who ruled Spain for thirty-six years, was still in power. “Women were not supposed to be entrepreneurs,” says her granddaughter Olivia Junyent. Franco was a traditionalist and believed a woman’s role was that of a homemaker and caretaker, and his laws reflected that. But Aurèlia was defiant and planted her vines.

The second generation. 

In the late 1980s, Anne Marie Comtese, her daughter-in-law, realized the vineyard’s potential and decided to turn it into a business. She transformed the Penedès industry, introducing organic farming to their own land and to the region as a whole. Known as a pioneer in the field, Anne Marie brought to light the importance of respect for the land and attention to detail: two philosophies the women still hold true today, from grape to glass. 

The third generation. 

With the addition of her daughter Olivia Junyent to the business, they are now certified organic and biodynamic agriculture, a method that respects the relationship between humans and earth. Three generations of innovative Junyent women have led to these stunning wines in front of you today.

Anne Marie Comtese and Olivia Junyent - Castell d'Age

Celebrating women in wine.

In honor of Women’s History Month, Mirabelle Selects has put together a special Castell d’Age Trio Box. Three special wines created by the incredible female winemakers of Castell d’Age in Spain. 

These three wines are accessible and approachable. The beautifully bespoke labels are strong and feminine with illustrations of nature, bright colors and romantic notions that symbolize all the elements that come together to create the wine: the soil, the land, the terroir, the people… and the imagination

The Region: Penedès, Spain

Pendes, Spain wine region map
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Steeped in history, Penedès is one of the most exciting wine regions in Spain, with a history of winemaking dating back millenia to the Ancient Romans. And yet, they are still open to new initiatives and the region is constantly full of surprises, such as this Fragments series from Castell d’Age.

Castell d'Age Fragments Wine Collection

Tasting Notes

Castell D’Age Fragments Rosat – What strikes me right out of the bottle with this wine is its beautiful, intense, ballet slipper pink color. In the glass, you’ll immediately notice the depth and complexity of this rose — wild strawberries intersect with rich, mouth-watering watermelon candy, complete with a dash of cucumbers and zesty, sweet lemon on the finish. A truly unique and memorable rose that’s guaranteed to make a statement on any table. If you’re looking for a food pairing, keep it close to home: this wine hails from Spain and would be perfect with Paella, or even a simple rice dish. 

Castell D’Age Fragments Red – Crafted from 60% Grenache and 40% Syrah, this organic red blend demonstrates the true winemaking potential of the women behind Castell D’Age. The aromas practically explode from the glass, with rich notes of sour cherries, stewed plums, black olives, and meaty leather. If you can be patient enough to let the wine open up in your glass for a bit, you’ll uncover additional notes of indulgent dark chocolate and spiced apple rings.The palate has dense, textured, layered fruit and earth flavors but still remains quite quaffable. There is a compelling sense of freshness and texture to it; this is a simply stunning wine. Indulge in this wine with a roasted pork dish or a simple pot roast. 

Castell D’Age Fragments Blanc – This unique white wine is crafted using spontaneous fermentation with indigenous yeast. A blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Xarel-lo, it’s refreshing and crisp with beautiful, expressive notes of stone fruit, juicy white peach, and rich, ripe pineapple aromas. Fresh, juicy, and silky. Serve with a light, crisp salad, Vietnamese summer rolls, or a simple cheesy pasta (the wine’s refreshing acidity is the perfect complement to ooey, gooey cheese, especially harder cheeses, like parmesan!) 

Check out the set from Mirabelle Selects for yourself and let me know what you think! Celebrating women in wine, today and always. ❤️