Sample Policy

Thank you so much for your interest in sending samples to be featured in my media. I greatly appreciate that you are interested in working together to share your story. I am truly honored! With that said, please note a few important details below.

GENERAL SAMPLE POLICY: Samples are warmly received and I am pleased to accept your wine samples or related products for review. However, please note that outside of sponsored work, this does not guarantee a post or timeline, only consideration.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do you determine what wines get featured on your page?

I am always on the lookout for new wines and wine-related goodies to share with my audience! I review all wines sent to me but am unable to guarantee a specific timeline. I only feature wines that truly excite me and that I think my audience wants to hear about. I will never promote a product or service that I would not personally endorse to friends and family.  

I also would like to note that I try my hardest to amplify marginalized voices on my platforms, therefore I try to give extra consideration to women, BIPOC, and LGBTQ+ brands.

Can I specify if I want the wine to be featured on Instagram vs your blog?

Features are up to my discretion if, how, and when they are shared. I work across a variety of mediums, including Instagram, blog posts, newsletters, traditional magazines, and more. It is up to my best judgment where I decide to feature wines, products, and experiences.

If you’d like to work together on a guaranteed piece of media, such as an Instagram Reel or Blog Post, I offer sponsored partnerships and packages. Send me an email!

When will the sample I sent to you be reviewed?

I appreciate your patience, as I do receive quite a bit of inventory and I’m just one person! I try to get through everything I can in a timely fashion. With that said, however, I am unable to guarantee a specific timeline. It’s always based on business needs and my current availability. I appreciate your patience!

How do I guarantee a post and specific messaging/marketing?

I work with wineries and other brands to set up sponsored campaigns on Instagram and my blog. I’d love to chat with you about how this works! Send me an email and let’s connect!

Please note that sponsored partnerships are still held to the same high standard of quality and ethics as I hold my organic features. I will never promote a product I don’t personally endorse.

If you are interested in sending samples, please email me to discuss the wines you would like to send and I will provide the shipping address.

Many thanks and cheers!