Bennett Lane

Paige and Sarah tasting at Bennett Lane winery in Calistoga

I recently had the most magical trip to Bennett Lane.

Located in Calistoga, at the tippy top of Napa Valley, this winery is home to some outstanding Cabernet Sauvignon. ⁣

If you’ve never been to Calistoga, you should definitely check it out. It’s a very unique destination, known for hot springs, mud baths and wineries. One very popular winery spot (a visit from me to come!) is Castello di Amorosa, a medieval-style castle. Outside of that, there is the Old Faithful Geyser of California that actually erupts at regular intervals. And if none of those are your thing, there are also works by Italian artist Carlo Marchiori displayed at the Ca’toga Galleria D’Arte, in town. There is something for everyone here!

My journey, however, was to Bennett Lane. I first learned about Bennett Lane during a virtual tasting back during lockdown, and absolutely fell in love with the complex and expressive nature of their lineup. So, you can guess my excitement when I was invited to an event there hosted by the amazing Emily Martin Events. Finally getting there in person and meeting the team lived up to every expectation.

Their winemaker is outstanding, molding Cabernet into wines that are both varietally beautiful, and also expressive in their own right. Seeing how terroir can play a role in the wine’s final flavors is often left to Pinot Noir, but in this case, I found cab to be an excellent vehicle to communicate— each one in their lineup tastes absolutely distinct from the next.

My favorite? Their single-vineyard Lynch Family Cabernet Sauvignon, of course. But I will gladly sip any of their wines, any day.

Another fun fact – Bennett Lane was the first winery to put the Calistoga AVA on the label! The #winenerd in me loves that!⁣

If you decide to take a visit to Bennett Lane, or any amazing destination in Calistoga, be sure to tag me in the post on Instagram @winewithpaige!

Also, quick shout out to Eilseen Aileen Photo for these incredible shots of the day!