Beginner Tips for Getting into Wine as a Hobby

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Wine as a hobby is more accessible than ever and is no longer the domain of the wealthiest among us. Forget about the grocery store merlot or a satisfying Pinot Noir. There’s much more to wine when you get out and sample all there is, or visit local wine bars for expert advice.

Get Up Close and Personal with Wine

Like any good product, the more you know about it, the better you can use it. This is true for foods such as meat, cheese, and vegetables. And it extends to wine and other delightfully crafted drinks. One of the most enjoyable ways to cultivate your pallet and indulge the wine enthusiast inside is to book a visit to a wine-producing region to embark on Douro Valley Wine Tours in Portugal, the Bordeaux region of France, or even the zesty Napa Valley of California.

Sample as Much as You Can

The fun part of learning about wine is, of course, drinking it. And you should do this as much as you can to really understand that there are so many varieties out there. Most people only know a handful and are limited in knowledge. But there are over 10,000 different varieties of wine available. Touring some of the best wine-producing regions also offers the opportunity to see the world and gives a vacation more meaning and purpose with actual knowledge you can use.

The Right Kit for Wine as a Hobby

Getting into wine isn’t all about tasting and touring like Paul Giamatti in Sideways. You will need some accessories to make your at-home wine tasting an occasion rather than a sideshow or pairing to the food. While wine accessories are a $284 million hobby in the US, you don’t need to spend a fortune. Instead, you need the right ones to enjoy your experience. These include a high-quality corkscrew (manual or gas-powered), decanters, and, of course, lovely glasses.

Visit the Best Local Wine Bars

Now, before you go running for the hills, there are some excellent wine bars around. Yes, most are undeserving of the name and are nothing more than glorified pubs. However, there’s always at least one excellent wine bar you can find locally with on-site sommeliers and bar servers who know what they are talking about. These are typically a lot more expensive than the rest, but the cost comes with the added bonus of not being ripped off when you buy your wine by the glass.

Learn About the Taste of Wine

Drinking is a pleasurable experience and can be an occasion. But it is all about the taste, of course. But what does this really mean? Tasting wine the correct way is a challenge for many beginners. You must consider how watery or full (the body) the wine feels, how sweet it is, and the effect of tannins (dryness) that it has on your tongue. These are the basics you need when selecting a wine, and mastering these can be more complicated than most people think.


Taking wine tours to get up close and personal is a great way to get into wine as a hobby. You will also need some essentials, such as a good corkscrew and the right glasses. It also helps to understand the fundamentals of wine tasting, such as dryness, body, and sweetness.


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