About Paige Comrie.

When I started Wine with Paige in  March of 2018, I had no idea the incredible journey it would take me on. 

This blog began as a way for me to combine two of my favorite things: wine and photography. But it quickly evolved into so much more. 

Now I share my favorite bottles and the incredible stories of the people behind them, seek out the best wine products and adventures for you, and aim to inspire people to live the “wine lifestyle” no matter where they are. To me, that phrase means elevating the everyday, enjoying the little moments, and taking time to sip and savor everything life has to offer. 

My latest journey? As a digital marketing expert and one of the OG “wine influencers”, I’m creating resources to help people build their own online presence and share their voice. The world of wine has so many incredible stories that need to be heard. More info on this, coming soon.

Thanks for being here, friend!