Champagne Glasses & Flutes: Sip In Style

A pyramid of champagne glasses

Raise your glasses, wine enthusiasts, as we embark on a sparkling journey into the world of champagne glasses and flutes! 

Just like a symphony conductor’s baton, the choice of glass can influence your champagne experience. Picture these glasses as delicate crystal chalices, poised to capture the essence of effervescent joy. 

We’ll explore the art of sipping bubbly, the science behind the perfect glass, and how to make your champagne moments truly effervescent. So, let’s clink and explore the fascinating world of champagne glasses together!

How to Serve Champagne & Sparkling Wine

You don’t need a special occasion to pop open some bubbly  – Champagne and other sparkling wines are perfect for everyday occasions as well. In fact, have you ever tried it paired with potato chips? Talk about a match made in heaven and a perfect #girldinner!

Champagne Serving Temperature

When it comes to serving champagne, think of it as orchestrating a delightful symphony for your senses. The first movement, the temperature, is crucial. 

Aim for a crisp and refreshing 45-48°F (7-9°C) to awaken the lively dance of bubbles without numbing their vivacity. Chill your bottle gently, avoiding the icy extremes that might stifle the delicate notes. 

It’s best to place the bottle in the fridge at least 1-2 hours prior to sipping.

Champagne flutes

Champagne Glasses vs Champagne Flutes

Now, let’s talk about the stage – your glassware. 

While the classic champagne flute is popular, think about trying a wine glass instead, more similar to a universal wine glass shape. 

Why? Well, a wine glass lets the aromas and flavors spread out more, opening up the wine. The wider bowl catches all the scents, making the flavors even better. It allows us to experience more of the aromatic spectrum, diving into more complexities of the wine.

Best Champagne Glasses & Flutes: Shopping Guide

Zalto Champagne glass

Zalto Champagne Glasses

The epitome of style and class, these Zalo Champagne Glasses are my favorite. They’re the perfect shape to maximize your sparkling wine’s flavors and aromas while keeping your glass bubbly all night long. True luxury!

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Glas.Vin Champagne Glass

These Universal glasses are perfect for any type of wine – including Chapagne! The shape allows the wine to open up without being too large and is perfect for swirling. The glass feels luxurious and lovely. 

Buy on Glas.Vin’s Website

Riedel Champagne glass

Riedel Champagne Glasses

These Riedel Champagne glasses from Target are my top pick for more affordable, everyday luxury. Riedel is a name to know in the world of wine glasses – for good reason! 

These glasses add a touch of glam to your wine nights. 

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Schott Zwiesel Tour Stemless Champagne glass

Schott Zwiesel Tour Stemless Champagne Flutes

The Tour stemless champagne flute combines contemporary style with durability. 

Featuring an edgy, angled profile and made from break-resistant Tritan glass, these stemless flutes bring the elegance of crystal without the fragility. Perfect for easy cleaning in the dishwasher, they are generously sized for serving your favorite sparkling wines with a touch of modern flair.

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Plastic Champagne flutes

Plastic Champagne Flutes - Disposable

If you’re looking for the best disposable Champagne Flutes, this set of plastic glasses would be my pick! They’re one piece by design, so they won’t come apart on your guests and they still offer a nice stem to hold so the bubbly won’t warm up in your hands. 

The package comes with a whopping 36 pieces per box, meaning at the time of publishing each glass is only $1.08/each. 

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Unbreakable Champagne flutes

Unbreakable Plastic Champagne Flutes - ReUsable

When it’s time to celebrate without the worry of fragile glass, shatterproof plastic champagne flutes come to the rescue. These sleek and resilient vessels offer a stress-free solution for toasting to special moments.

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How to hold a Champagne glass?
Hold your champagne glass by  the stem, not the bowl, to keep your drink cool and your fingers from warming it. This not only adds an air of sophistication but also prevents fingerprints on the glass, allowing the bubbles to shine through unblemished.

How many calories in a glass of Champagne?
In a standard glass of Champagne (about 4 ounces), you’re looking at around 80 to 100 calories, however, it will vary based on the style of Champagne and the producer.

How many glasses of Champagne in a bottle?
In a standard 750-milliliter Champagne bottle, you can typically pour around 6 glasses. So, when you’re planning that special celebration, keep in mind the delightful moments you’ll share with about six generous pours from a single bottle.

How many glasses of Champagne to get drunk?
The number of glasses of Champagne it takes to get drunk can vary widely depending on various factors, including your body weight, tolerance, and the alcohol content of the specific Champagne. 

Generally, it’s essential to drink responsibly and be aware of your own limits. Champagne typically has an alcohol content of around 12%, similar to many wines. 

For some individuals, consuming several glasses may lead to intoxication, while others may feel the effects sooner. Always prioritize moderation and be mindful of how alcohol affects you personally. Celebrate responsibly and savor the effervescence without overindulgence.